Hi everyone. Long time no see. My apartment is currently stacked with boxes, which are packed and ready for our moving day next week. I haven’t packed my nail polishes yet. I am keeping them out till the last moment. I actually don’t have that many nail polishes, so packing my stash is not going to be a big problem. Yesterday I decided to take a break from packing and thought I would do my nails. I had an idea for a cute floral nail art, so I went with it.

Blue Floral Nail Art with Cute Polka Dots

This blue floral nail art is just perfect for Spring. I don’t think I’ve ever made blue roses before and I gotta say, I love them. I mixed a whole bunch of colors here, so bare with me. I started with a light, pink base, which is W7 Powder Pink and then made tiny dots with my dotting tool (except my ring finger). I put a bit of glitter on my accent nail. I used Maybelline Brocades Knitted Gold. It’s a gorgeous gold/pink glitter. I made a little gradient there ;)

Blue Floral Nail Art with Cute Polka Dots

As for the roses, I mixed so many different colors. I don’t know where to start really. Let’s try, the base of my roses is China Glaze Too Yacht to Handle. It’s a gorgeous, bright turquoise and I think it’s gotta be one of my top favorites from my entire collection. Then I did the shading and highlighting of the roses, using a white nail polish from H&M In It For The Game and a dark turquoise, which is Yes Love no. W2351. At the end I added some dark blue bits with Purple Professional no. 13. The leaves are made with GOSH Early Green and Catrice Miss Piggy’s BF. My usual greens for the leaves.

Blue Floral Nail Art with Cute Polka Dots

What do you think of my glitter gradient/ polka dots/ floral nail art combo? I really loved wearing these pretty blue roses and I think the colors are just perfect for Spring. Oh, I can’t wait for warm, sunny days with pink neon nail polish on ;)

Let me know what you think of these in the comments below and have a fabulous evening everyone!

  • There gorgeous as usual. You make the prettiest roses ever!

  • These are so cute! I love the accent nail and your roses are perfect – they look just like decals! :)

  • wow, nice mani :)) lovely

  • This is classy and gorgeous!

  • What a lovely manicure!!! I wish I was able to do stuff like this – I am still such a newbie :) Someday, someday — haha! Once again, I love this manicure. Thank you for sharing its loveliness with us!!

  • Your floral nails are always so pretty <3

  • Your roses are always looking perfect!

  • My favourite colour is turquoise.. so how could i not love these?! gorgeous as always!!

  • lovely! blue roses (or peonies maybe) are really cute :)

  • Vic

    Gorgeous – I love the blue of the flowers.

  • love this floral design!

  • wow. just wow.

  • I now need to get a “dotter”. Very stylish :)

  • Aww how pretty these are!! I love the roses and I love how you use Knitted Gold here! I have that polish too but I’ve only used it as a topper or on it’s own but the gradient looks really good <3 Thanks for the inspiration!