Bundle Monster Mochi Stamper Review

I love trying new, innovative products, mainly because I believe that every product can be improved. When Bundle Monster asked me if I was interesting in trying their new big Mochi stamper, my curiosity was at high levels. I have never seen such a huge stamper, so I was interested in finding out the ways to use it and how to improve my stamping experience. Today I will share my thoughts on this new Bundle Monster Mochi Stamper, as well as their Lotus Mat. Let’s take a look.

Bundle Monster Lotus Mat & Mochi Stamper

Let’s start with the Lotus Mat, which can be easiest described as a nail art station. It’s a silicone mat that you can use for nail art, stamping decals or mixing nail polish. I like to keep it on my desk, where I paint my nails, to protect my table from nail polish stains and acetone. It’s a very useful tool to have and it can be cleaned easily as well. You can use lint roller to get rid of hair or dust, or swipe it with a cotton ball soaked in acetone to remove the nail polish. The mat measurements are 15.7 in. (45 cm) X 11.75 in. (30 cm).

Bundle Monster Lotus Mat & Mochi Stamper

I used to use a silicone baking mat before I got this one (thank you Deborah from Love Varnish for this idea!), but I like my Lotus mat much better, mainly because of the very pretty design and a soft color (my old mat has a very ugly, on-your-face blue color!). Also the nail shapes that are drawn at the top of the mat are so useful for making decals! In the bottom right corner there is a small ruler to measure out the striping tape or stickers.

Bundle Monster Mochi Stamper Review

Now to the Mochi Stamper, which is the biggest one I have seen so far. It’s a semi-squishy stamping station that measures 12 cm X 5 cm (4.7 in. X 2 in.). The idea of this stamper is to be able to stamp all five fingers at once and it can be especially great with larger, buffet style stamping plates. It can also be used for creating decals (stamping decals, dry marble, needle drag) or reverse stamping. If you would like to see a demonstration on how to use this stamper, check this video.

Let’s talk about my experience with the Bundle Monster Mochi Stamper. The picture above shows one of my first attempts of using it and you can see that it picked up the design pretty well. Transferring onto the nails was a whole different story. The nail polish dried very fast and while I was on my third finger, it did not want to stamp anymore. I used a black stamping nail polish from MoYou London in the picture above.

Bundle Monster Mochi Stamper Review

I tried the stamper with many different polishes, ones that are made especially for stamping or just regular ones. Some of them picked up well, but most didn’t. In the end I went with a golden metallic nail polish, because those are the ones that work best for me. I used Essie Good as Gold and you can see the design picked up quite well.

Bundle Monster Mochi Stamper Review

I started with my pinky and index finger and they look quite OK, but my ring and middle finger are not looking pretty. The nail polish dried and it did not want to transfer onto my nails anymore (especially around my cuticle area). I realize that you have to work fast when stamping several fingers and I did (you can tell by my crooked placement), but it just did not work for me. I am yet to try this stamper with decals, hopefully I will be more successful.

Bundle Monster Mochi Stamper Review

I wasn’t able to make this stamper to work for me, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a right product for you! I would recommend this stamper for people who are more experienced and advanced in stamping, maybe they will find this product more useful and life changing in the stamping world. I know a lot of bloggers that were super happy with this huge stamper!

Tips & Tricks on using the Bundle Monster Mochi Stamper:

  • Wash and prime the stamper before using it to take away the shine
  • Pick up the image with rolling motion
  • Hold the plate down while picking up the image to avoid lifting it with your stamper
  • Work fast to transfer the images on your nails!

To finish off on a positive note, I would like to show you one last product by Bundle Monster that I really loved! It’s their Poli-Peel Cuticle Protector. It’s a liquid latex that protects your nails, while making a nail art that tends to be messy. It’s great for when stamping, water marbling, splatters or gradients. Bundle Monster Poli-Peel has a cute baby pink color and when it dries you can see some sparkles on your fingers, so cute! It also dries fast and peels off effortlessly, which is important with these kind of products.

Bundle Monster Poli Peel

What do you guys think? I know I talked about a lot of products in this post, so let me know if any of these got your attention. Also, if you have tried the Mochi stamper and you managed to use it successfully, please let me know your tips and tricks! I am not giving up on it yet.

The Bundle Monster Mochi Stamper will be launched on the Bundle Monster website on Thursday, February 4th and it will retail at $13.99.

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The products in this post were provided for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

  • I love the idea of the mochi stamper I just don’t know if I’m experienced enough to make it work for me. Even just doing one nail at I time I can struggle with it drying out too fast. Making decals does sound like a really great use for it!

    • Yes, totally agreed Emily. I feel like I am not so experienced in stamping to be able to use this thing properly, but it’s an interesting invention and I will definitely try to make decals with it.

  • Some really neat things you reviewed from Bundle Monster. That mochi stamper is huge and sounds like such good idea for making decals and stuff. I really want to get my hands on one of those silicone mats out there. It would be so useful for me.

    • Yes, the mat is awesome! I used to use a silicone baking mat, but it’s not as pretty :)

  • Furiousfiler

    Oh I thought the whole point of it was so that you can stamp at least 4 nails at once? Although I suppose you wouldn’t be able to position the stamp exactly where you want it. Hmm. I’ve seen this stamper on social media recently and I’d love to give it a go to see whether it works for me!

    • Yes, like you said, stamping four nails in one go wouldn’t be so great for positioning, so I was doing it one by one. It’s a nice thing to have if you have long nails, makes things much easier.

  • Thanks so much for such an honest review. I think my curiosity may get the best of me and I’ll be purchasing one of these giant stampers!

    • You should definitely try! It’s quite an innovative product and definitely saves time.

  • Excellent review! I have always wondered how on earth the polish stays wet enough to transfer to all the nails. It would definitely be a time saver if effective! Regardless, and crooked or not, I love the look you created with it!

    • Thank you so much, Christine :* Some people mentioned that it depends on the polish, some dry faster than other, so I guess I am going to have to give it another go and see what works for me.

  • Great review! I must say I did manage to stamp 4 nails in one go, but t might really depend on the stamping polish I guess. Did you prime the surface of the stamper? The look you did is still great I think, the pattern allows for some “mistakes”. Also, I’ve been loving my lotus mat as well, you are right about it being prettier!

    • Yes, right? It sits on my desk right now and I don’t want to put it away, because it looks kind of cute! Yes, I have primed the surface, maybe I just need to practice to find a full potential of this stamper?

  • You would never guess you had trouble looking at the mani you did, which is so gorgeous! I would suggest priming it thoroughly with a magic eraser sponge, I think your stamper still looks a bit shiny in the photos above? I do agree though it’s tricky at first and takes a bit of getting used to. I hope you can make it work for you with more practice because it’s so nifty :)

    • Yes, I have primed it. The stamper is a little bit too bulky for my liking and I think I prefer my normal one, but who knows, maybe for making decals it’s going to be amazing?

  • Very well written review! I still can’t believe how huge that stamper is like WOW! I have an Uber Chic mat that is similar to this mat, but haven’t really used it haha. That Poli-Peel looks worth trying for sure though!

    • If you haven’t use a liquid latex before, it’s definitely a must-have! It saves my life every time I do stamping or other messy nail art.

  • Never seen this mat before… Now I’m thinking it might be better than my trusty old stamper. Hm.

    • It’s definitely worth a try! Some people loved it and it worked perfectly.

  • nie podejrzewam Cię o brak umiejętności, więc fajnie przeczytać nieprzesłodzoną, szczerą recenzję – wydawało mi się bardzo niewiarygodne, żeby udało się ostemplować 5 paznokci na raz… Doceniam ten produkt jako innowację, jednak sama nie czuję potrzeby jego posiadania ;)

    • Dziekuje! Doceniam to, ze spodobala Ci sie moja recenzja. Jesli chodzi o stempelek, to racja, mozna sie bez niego obejsc, ale to fajny gadzet. Moze dla osob z bardzo dlugimi paznokciami to bylby must-have?

  • I love how honest you were with your approach to the big stamper – it’s so tempting to get it, thinking one will get done in seconds, but you showed it can really be challenging. With practice, I’m sure one’s able to manage it better, don’t you think?
    I loved the mat, too – I used a baking one as well, but mine is a pretty purple shade haha
    Aaaand!, I’m yet to try a peel-off product!! This one sounds cute with the sparkly stuff :)

    • Sweetie, if there is one thing that you should get that was mentioned in this post is the peel of product!!! It will save your life, you really, really need it :)
      As for the stamper, you are right, I am sure that with practice it will come in handy. I think it can be great for people with longer nails that weren’t able to stamp before.

    • Claire Kerr – Kerruticles

      One tip I have seen with this stamper is to not worry about the polish drying, but then to top coat your nails and leave them to get tacky. Apparently the polish will adhere well, even if it has dried.

      • Thank you so much for your tip Claire :* I will definitely try this.

      • Sarah Smith

        Bundle monster is on Facebook and they are super helpful. They do videos and also answer questions. On their website they also have a section called Nail Academy that offers a wealth of stamping information. They said the key to dry stamping is foil glue. It’s cheap and tacky enough to grab the full image.