Chevron Nails

Chevron Nails

Hi everyone and happy Monday! Today’s nails are the ones that I have been dreading to do for a long time – chevron nails. I love chevron so much, but making any tape designs is always a bit of pain for me. You only need two things to create this design: tape and chevron scissors.

Chevron Nails

I have made my chevron nails using these babies. They are just the cheapest chevron scissors I found in a craft store. I went for a cheap option, because I wasn’t sure if they would work at all. Just wanted to try… and they work fine!

Chevron Scissors

To create these chevron nails, you have to start with a base color. I suggest using a light color as a base, because it is easier to paint a dark color over a light one. I used a white nail polish from W7 (no. 34 White). Before you start putting tape on the base, make sure it is completely dry. I waited around 4-5 hours for my base to dry and have done some studying in a meantime.

When your base is dry, cut out small (1mm to 1.5mm) pieces of chevron from your tape. It takes a few tries to cut out a perfect chevron shape, so don’t get discouraged and practice a bit before. You have to be quite precise and patient, because the tape pieces have to be very small. Then stick 3-4 pieces of tape on each nail. When you make sure that the tape is stuck and flat everywhere, you can proceed to cover it with black polish. Take off the tape immediately, but do it slowly to avoid smudges.

Chevron Nails

You can see that my chevron needs a bit improvement, because the lines are not 100% crisp, but I think it’s OK for the first time.

As for the rest of the nails, my pinky and index finger are made with pink neon polish from Claire’s. This nail polish is a little bit strange tho, because when you first put it on, you get a perfect, bright neon and after few hours the color changes and it is not so intensive anymore. Before you put any neon polish on, you should always put a white base first.It makes the color even more bright. My middle finger is made with two polishes. As a base I used the holographic polish from Gosh (549 Holographic Hero) and the glitters are from a Dutch drugstore brand called Etos.

Chevron Nails

Chevron Nails

  • I’m loving all your nail designs! this is a must for me to try! :)

    • Thanks hun! Happy you like them :)

  • Lovely color combination!
    I find cutting the tape is incredibly difficult, it scrunches up all the time :(

    • Yes, it is difficult. I found out that the best way to do it, is to stick it to the scissors first (exactly where you want your cut) and then slice it :D I hope it makes sense.

  • This is a great combo! I so admire your patience and perseverence ;) haha
    cutting that tape must have been a huge pain! But you’ve achieved a great look and that sparkly glitter is a great match for the sober black & white chevron! Love it! **

    • Thanks hun :) Yes, it was a bit difficult, but everything comes with practice. I think it was worth it. Thanks for a cute comment and for stopping by <3

  • Oh, I’ve just bought this type of scissors a couple of days ago just to be able to create chevron nails lol. I’ve bought the cheap version too, it was a package with 2 other scissors! I’m dying to try mine too! I love your manicure :)

    • Thanks hun! You should def try this. It was a bit of a struggle at first, but I am sure you can get hand of it.

  • Gosia

    Piękne wzorki :)

  • Very beautiful chevron nails and the combination of different colors and textures! Love this!

    • Thanks hun! Happy you like the and that you noticed different textures in this design

  • Sarah

    These are so great ! You must be very patient to create all the stripes one by one. The result is so neat. Well done.

    • Thank you Sarah! Yes, it took a lot of patience to cut out the tape, but I think it was worth it. Glad you like it X

  • LOVE the chevron!

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