Color4Nails Nail Care Products

Hi my beautiful friends. Today I have a short and sweet nail care review for you guys. A few weeks ago I was sent a few products from Color4Nails nail care range. I received two cuticle oils and a cuticle remover. I am always interested in trying out new nail care products and discovering how to improve my nails. As always, my approach was a little skeptical, because I don’t believe in miracle products that will make your nails beautiful overnight. Continues use and being systematic works best! If you are curious about Color4Nails Nail Care products keep reading.

Color4Nails Nail Care Products

Let’s Start from the Cuticle-Away. It’s a cuticle remover (softener) that supposed to leave the skin around your nails soft and easy to remove. According to the Color4Nails website it contains coconut oil and sweet orange essential that help nourish your skin and nails. You are supposed to apply the product onto the cuticle area, wait a few seconds and then remove the skin with the orange stick.

Cuticle-Away is actually really nice to use and it does make your cuticle removal easy. The skin is very soft, but not overly dry thanks to the oils that are in the product. The brush makes it super-easy to use and there is no mess involved. The one thing I am not sure of is whether this product is all natural or does it contain some chemical cuticle remover?

Color4Nails Nail Care Products

Rejuvenating Cuticle Oil is a mix of nourishing and essential oils that come in four fragrances (Coconut Kiwi, Pomegranate Mango, Lavender and Jasmine Rosehip), as well as an unscented version. It contains grape seed oil, avocado oil, apricot seed oil, jojoba oil, hemp seed oil, argon oil, vitamin E oil and fragrance and/or essential oils.

The two fragrances that I received were lavender and pomegranate mango. I actually like both of them. The fruit one is quite sweet, but not overpowering and it reminds me of a bubblegum scent, while the lavender is more fresh and calming (I like to keep it on my bed stand). I really enjoyed using both oils and they made my nails very soft and nourished. I like the formula of the oil. It sunk into my nails really nicely without leaving a sticky residue. I hate some of the oils that just sit on your skin without doing anything. Rejuvenating Cuticle Oils really nourished my skin and made a difference in my nail care.

Color4Nails Nail Care Products

Both Rejuvenating Cuticle Oils and Cuticle-Away come in a very useful pen with a brush. You just twist the pen and the product comes out, you can then apply the product onto your nails without having a big oily mess. I love the idea of  having pens instead of traditional package. I can always use it when on the go and just keep it safely in my bag. The brush bristles are quite soft, so they don’t irritate fragile skin.

One downside to these products is they are quite pricey. Both products contain 4.5 ml of the product for a price of $8.00. This seems a little bit pricey in my opinion, especially because the products are not very efficient. After 2 weeks of using them, mine are almost empty.

Color4Nails Nail Care Products

And here is a little surprise part of my naked nails! I don’t think I have ever showed you my bare nails, but we are all friends here, so I feel comfortable doing it ;) The skin around my nails is not perfect, but my hands dry out very fast anyway. I have to moisturize it all the time to keep it healthy and good-looking. In this photo I am only wearing my base coat.

If you are interested in buying any of the products mentioned in this review please visit Color4Nails website. Besides their nail care range they also carry some other nail polish brand such as Powder Perfect, Cupcake Polish, Zoya among others.


The products in this post were provided for my honest review. All opinions are my own

  • They sound very nice and I like the packaging on them a lot. Makes it super convenient to throw in your bag and use.

  • For me, I love this type of oil dispenser. It is my favourite, but yes, regular use is vital and I go through them quite fast too. I have a huge obsession with cuticle products. I love them! Excellent review!

    • Yes, I know right? Especially when they smell good. Lemony Flutter by Lush is still my no.1! I don’t know how many packages I went through.

  • Honey, your naked nails look gorgeous!!!! Thank you for such an honest review – I love reading reviews that tell you how things really are, so much appreciated! :))

    • Thank you my dear :* I am glad you liked my review. It was actually my first nail care review, so I wasn’t sure what to write about!

  • Your naked nails are so pretty!! I really like the cuticle oils too, the packaging is convenient!

    • Thanks Emily! Yes, the packaging is the best, but the products itself are good, but not exceptional.

  • Oooooh you’re naked :D looking great though ;-). I love brush pens for cuticle oils :).

    • LOL! Yes, feeling a little exposed. Thanks :)

  • Yes, same here. They work as any other oil :) Thank you :*

  • I’d love to try these but as you said they’re a bit pricey :( I really need a good cuticle oil! Your naked nails are so pretty!