Dance Legend Gel Prism Collection

Hello lovelies. How is everyone doing? I hope you guys had an amazing weekend. Mine was very relaxing and calm. Today I would like to share my thoughts on the Dance Legend Gel Prism Collection. I also want to include a quick review on the Dance Legend stamping polishes. I only have two of them, so I thought it was a good idea to include my review in this post.

Dance Legend Gel Prism are gel polishes in holographic finish. I honestly have never tried any gels in holo finish, so I was very curious about this collection. I can already tell you that the formula of these was great. It was not too thick or not too thin. Very easy to apply and it was self leveling on the nail. The holo effect was showing nicely. I swatched these gels over UNT peel-off base and each swatch is finished with a layer of top coat.

Cyberpunk is an emerald green with blue undertone. I applied two coats plus top coat.

Dance Legend Gel Prism Collection (Cyberpunk)

Absolute is a silver holo. This one was a little bit thinner compared to the rest of them. I think it would look gorgeous over any color, as a holographic top coat. Here I applied three coats plus top coat.

Dance Legend Gel Prism Collection (Absolute)

Zero Signal is a light blue with violet undertone. It’s such a gorgeous, gorgeous shade. The formula was great again and I applied three thin coats plus top coat.

Dance Legend Gel Prism Collection (Zero Signal)

Transgression is a deep blue holo. Another beautiful color and so different from Zero Signal. Loving it.

Dance Legend Gel Prism Collection (Transgression)

Archetype is a beautiful raspberry red. It’s a gorgeous color and in some light it appears more red, while in others rich pink.

Dance Legend Gel Prism Collection (Archetype)

Let’s move on to the Dance Legend stamping polishes. I received two colors in the mail, a bright yellow and a gorgeous mint. Both of them were very pigmented and easy to use. I never had a yellow stamping polish and I was wondering about this formula and how pigmented it was going to be. I have to say, it was great! It’s a stunning color and it shows up well, even on darker backgrounds.

Dance Legend Stamping nail polish

To create this nail art, I started off by applying a light blue base. My choice went to Cirque Colors Meet Me in Montauk. I used Pueen Marble Paradise 01 stamping plate. I used both Dance Legend stamping polishes to create this funky look. Instead of blending the colors in, I decided to swipe them off just once to have a clean separation.

What do you guys think of the Dance Legend Gel Prism collection? And how about those beautiful stamping polishes? Please leave your comments and thoughts in the comment section below.

If you are interested in purchasing Dance Legend products, please visit their website. Gel Prism gels currently retail for $12 each, while the stamping polishes are at $6 each.

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The products in this post were provided for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

  • Some very pretty colors and that stamping mani looks fantastic too.

  • oooo rany, jak to na bazie UNT? nałożyłaś kolor na bazę peel off, potem do lampy i to zadziałało??

    • Haha, tak! Chyba nie myslalas, ze swatchuje kazda hybryde z osobna, a potem ja sciagam? :D

      • powiem Ci że zawsze mnie to zastanawiało… u Ciebie, u Very Emily… ale teraz to już ma sens :) a można wiedzieć dokładnie technicznie jak to robisz? UNT+baza hybrydowa+lampa potem kolor+lampa i potem top+lampa? dałoby się tak przechodzić jeden czy dwa dni?

        • Odtluszczam paznokciec, potem baza UNT (baze hybrydowa zazwyczaj pomijam), potem kolor (lampa), top (lampa) i gotowe. Jesli chodzi o trwalosc to wszystko zalezy od twojej plytki. Moja jest z natury ‘nawilzona’, wiec nie trzyma sie dlugo, ale znam osoby, ktore chodza w tym pare dni :) Warto sprobowac. Mozna sie na tym fajnie nauczyc jak nakladac hybrydy. bo potem tylko peel i juz!

          • to jest genialne rozwiązanie :D nie przyszłoby mi do głowy, że to zadziała ;) mam metal manix z Indigo, który strasznie chcę wypróbować, ale odmaczanie paznokci w acetonie skutecznie mnie odstrasza. dzięki za tip! :*