Hi sweet ladies. First of all, I wanted to say thank you for all the birthday wishes I received yesterday. You really made my day and I thank you for that! Also, I am so glad you liked my floral nails from yesterday!


Today I have a review of Foxy Paws nail polish for you guys. Foxy Paws is a Danish-based indie brand and a few months ago I was a lucky winner of their Christmas giveaway on Instagram. Charlotte (the lovely maker of the Foxy Paws polishes) was very kind and sent me a few more polishes for testing and swatches. Today I am going to show you three amazing shades: pink holo polish and two stunning glitters.

Well, holo Dolly! is a gorgeous pink, holographic polish. There is something magical about holo polishes and you just want to keep starring at them (in a sunlight preferably) all day. The application of this pink beauty was a dream. I applied two layers plus a top coat and it was looking beautiful. Look at the picture below to see the macro shot with all the beautiful colors glimmering in the sun.


Foxy Paws Nail Polish - Well, holo Dolly!

Dancing in The Moonlight is a beautiful black jelly-based glitter polish. The glitters range from very fine to very big pieces. They are so sparkly and you can spot some blues, greens and silvers in it. Dancing in the Moonlight is such a unique nail polish. What makes it special in my opinion, are the big, bold glitters that are sparkling like crazy in the sun. I applied three thin layers plus a top coat (no base polish). You could apply a black nail polish first, if you want to have less glitter. I had to use a toothpick to fish out the big glitters and then I applied them directly onto my nails.

Foxy Paws Nail Polish - Dancing in The Moonlight

Foxy Paws Nail Polish - Dancing in The Moonlight

Are You Still Having Fun? is my absolute favorite! It’s also a black-jelly based glitter polish with some warmer shades than the previous one. The glitter is really magical and you can see some beautiful pinks, purples and oranges. I especially love how sparkly and shiny the big glitter pieces are. I also applied three thin coats of this nail polish plus a top coat (no base polish). Like in the previous example I fished out the big glitters and applied them on my nails with a toothpick. It’s the easiest way, because it was a bit difficult to get them out with the brush.

Foxy Paws Nail Polish - Are You Still Having Fun?

Foxy Paws Nail Polish - Are You Still Having Fun?

Overall, I fell in love with Foxy Paws nail polish (especially the glitter one!). It’s are so beautiful and unique and you really feel special wearing them. My absolute favorite has to be Are you Still Having Fun? It’s so unique and I loved how it matched my skin tone (plus all the sparkles!). I am so happy that I was able to try a beautiful European indie nail polish!

Right now the Foxy Paws web shop (Foxy Fingertips) is temporarily closed, but a selection of colors are available at Norway Nails. You can also visit Foxy Paws Facebook Page and Instagram to stay up to date.

I hope you like them! Have a lovely evening, Paulina.

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