Germanikure Cuticle Nippers and glass file

Hi my beautiful friends. I hope everyone had a great weekend. Today I would like to show you two nail care items from a brand Germanikure. Germanikure is specializing in hand made, high quality nail care items that are made in Germany. They have a wide range of tools, but today we are going to take a look at their cuticle nippers and a glass file.


Germanikure nail care products are made under ethical conditions by skilled workers in Solingen, Germany, a city known for making the finest cutlery products in the world for centuries. The glass files are made in Czech Republic. Germanikure thrives on creating high quality products and at the same time providing a fair compensation for their employees. At the beginning of this year they also donate a portion of their sales to families in Pakistan and Vietnam who were victims of child labor. It’s really great to know that Germanikure acknowledges these ethical issues and it makes me instantly feel good about their products.

Germanikure Cuticle Nippers and glass file

Germanikure Cuticle Nippers come in a leather case that protects the product from damage. They are made with high carbon stainless steel. They are hand sharpened and meant to last long. You can check out this video, which explains very professionally all the features of the nippers.

While I never cut my cuticles, an occasional hang nail or dry skin happens and then these nippers came in really handy. They are super sharp and they don’t damage your skin. The edge of the nippers is very pointy and you can remove the dry skin very easily. They are also very easy to clean thanks to the fact that you can open them widely, which minimizes accumulation of bacteria.

Germanikure Cuticle Nippers and glass file

As for the Glass File, it’s another amazing product! I have tried the glass files made in Czech Republic before and I am truly in love with these products. There is no other glass file that works so well and made in such high quality! With these Czech glass files you are able to file down your nails pretty fast without worrying about a possible nail damage. They are quite gentle to the nails. The glass files also comes in a protective leather case, where you can slip your file in and keep it protected. It’s such a beautiful design.

What do you guys think? Have you ever used Germanikure products? How about Czech glass files? Let me know in the comments below.

If you are interested in purchasing Germanikure products, you can do it via, an exclusive retailer of Germanikure products. They have a wide range of products available, including products for men. International shipping available!


The products in this post were provided for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

  • Their glass file looks nice.

  • Great review Paulina. I love glass files, and keep them all over the place. Good cuticles nippers are absolute essentials to have in your nail care stash too. I actually use mine of all kinds of tasks.

  • firegirl

    I love my Czech nail files. I finally bought some after my nails had filed off the grit of cheap file number 4 and I haven’t looked back. I use my cuticle nippers a lot for hang nails – they certainly beat scissors and pulling them off. Germanicure sounds a great brand and I like the ethical dimension too. Must check their website!

  • These both look like very high quality products. I haven’t heard of this brand but wish I could try them now.

  • I love Czech nail files too, makes me proud to be Czech! I’ve had few brands but the Mont Bleu are so far my favourites. I wonder how they compare to this Germanikure file