Hēhē stamping plates - Florals and Plaids Collection

Hi my beautiful friends. Today I would like to show you three nail art looks using the Hēhē stamping plates. Hēhē is a new to me brand and I have always been dying to try them, especially after seeing all the beautiful reviews and stamping from Very Emily. The stamping plates are designed in China by Haiyan and you can get them over at aiyoohehe.com which is the only place where you can purchase the original plates. Be careful, because there are many fakes out there!

 Hēhē stamping plates - Florals and Plaids Collection

Today I am going to focus on their Florals & Plaids Collection, which consists of 12 stamping plates. I received five of them for my review. Let’s take a look.

Gradient stamping (Hēhē 077) is the first and new to me technique! I have recently seen this video made by my friend Very Emily and I really wanted to try this gradient stamping. It’s such a fun and challenging technique, but when the colors blend together well, you can achieve beautiful looks! For this design, I used a white base and three different colors for stamping. Pink was from Konad, purple is Models Own Purple Haze and a light blue BK no.26. I am so pleased how these turned out.

 Hēhē stamping plates - Florals and Plaids Collection

 Hēhē stamping plates - Florals and Plaids Collection

Holo stamping (Hēhē 082) was always something I wanted to try, but I could never find the right polish. I remembered that a while ago, I got this beautiful silver holographic nail polish from Mod Lacquer and decided to give it a go. It’s quite pigmented and it actually worked quite nicely. For this look I went with triangles. It’s quite bold, because of the black base, but the stamping is still subtle. I really love it!

 Hēhē stamping plates - Florals and Plaids Collection

 Hēhē stamping plates - Florals and Plaids Collection

Double Stamping (Hēhē 082) is another technique that I have always been a little afraid to try. I guess the key to success with double stamping is to choose the right pattern. This spotted design was a perfect choice! Because it’s so irregular, I did not have to worry about a perfect placement. I used a turquoise base and first stamped with Essie Penny Talk and then with MoYou London Black Knight. I love these colors together and the beautiful contrast they give!

 Hēhē stamping plates - Florals and Plaids Collection

 Hēhē stamping plates - Florals and Plaids Collection

You can purchase the Hēhē stamping plates and their Florals & Plaids collection on their official website. Individual plates currently retail at $2 and the whole collection comes down to $23, which is a steal! They also offer international shipping, so you are all covered.

Hēhē has impressed me as a brand so much. Not only their stamping plates are such great quality, but the owners are so nice and friendly. It seems like they thought of every single detail, from designing the plates to the beautiful packaging. I love supporting such great companies!

Please remember to only purchase your Hēhē stamping plates from their official website, if you want to make sure you get the genuine, high quality products. Please read this page if you wish to find out how to distinguish the originals from fakes.

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  • Oh my gosh I am obsessed with all three of these looks!!! Your gradient stamping turned out flawless, so pretty! I’m in love with the holo stamping, I have never tried that so it’s totally on my to-do list now and that double stamping mani is just perfection. Amazing work Paulina!

    • Thank you Emily, that means a lot! I finally started enjoying stamping. After several months of practice it actually really excites me now :)

  • OOh I’m blinded by the beauty! All beautiful manis but that double stamp?? WOWZA! I will never get tired of that color combination :)

  • Some awesome stamping designs you got with these stamping plates.

  • Hey Paulina, the splatter plate is simply brilliant… I could choose just one interesting samping plate… also the geometric at the bottom right is nice… it will unleash your creativity!
    have fun!!!

  • Paulina these are gorgeous! My favorite is the holo stamping. All of those triangles came out perfect!!! I’ve heard so many good things about these hehe plates, they are on my “to buy” list! Thanks for sharing these :)

  • a na Ali zatrzęsienie płytek hehe… i na BPS… czy to wszystko są podróbki? żadne z nich nie przychodzą w takich ładnych kartonikach. piękne stworzyłaś połączenia, ostatnie jest zupełnie niesamowite

  • Kathryn J

    Ooh these are all lovely! I love the splatter design … but then the holo stamping is fabulous too! Thanks for the heads up about the official HeHe site, I will check them out through your link. :)

  • You created such gorgeous manicures here! I love that we’ve all been reviewing these GORGEOUS hehe plates lately, but everyone has created really unique manicures. Great post :)

  • All your creations look great but the splatter stamping is simply awesome! These hehe plates are already for some time on my wish list.

  • Lacquered Obsession

    Great picks! I love Hēhē’s plates and you made me think to order some more O:) I really love your manicures you created!

  • ARE YOU SERIOUS! Naturally, I love them all but that second and third one, I was practically convulsing over the the beauty! Wow! you did an amazing job! love these HeHe plates, can’t wait to review my set!

  • O.O THAT LAST ONE.. AAAAAAH!!! It’s so darn pretty. I know what I am doing with that specific plate now :D!

  • Alice

    Perfect looks! I love how you tried loads of new things in one post, I think my favourite is the holo design but it was hard to choose!

  • Okay…so all of these are pretty awesome and you blew me away as per usual, but… I’ve got to say you knocked me off my feet with that holo geometric one – soooo stunning!! Well done on all three, sweetie!!

  • Koneko

    I bought the Miyazaki set from Hehe and they are so cute! Good company to deal with, I will go back and get this set in the future.