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Hi everyone! I hope you guys had wonderful Christmas and that you received lots of nail polish gifts haha. I am sure some of you may be tired of the overwhelming amount of Christmas nail art on your social media feed. I am usually the one who wants to move on with other designs rather quickly, but this year, I am enjoying painting my nails to match the holiday spirit.

In today’s post we are going to step away from the winter themed nail art for a bit. A while ago, I’ve received a lovely PR package from Hypnotic Polish that contained the Hit The Bottle neon stamping nail polishes. Hit The Bottle is an Australian indie brand and since it’s summer right now in Australia they released neon colors!

The collection is called Pour Some Neon on Me and it consists of 7 neon stamping nail polishes. In my PR package I’ve received mini bottles (5ml), but there are also full size bottles available, which contain 9ml of product. My first thoughts upon receiving the polishes were that the colors are pretty bright and very neon.

Ectoplasm Green

Hit The Bottle Neon Stamping Nail Polish | Hypnotic Polish

Let me tell you a little bit more about my experience with these Hit The Bottle polishes. My favorite stampers to use are obviously clear stampers, so when I first tried these polishes I used several different clear stampers. To my surprise, none of my clear stampers were able to pick up any designs…! I was a little bit disappointed, but I wasn’t ready to give up, so I’ve contacted Maria from Hypnotic Polish to solve this problem. Through Maria, I was later contacted by the lovely owner of the Hit The Bottle Michelle, who gave me a few tips on how to use these neon polishes.


Hit The Bottle Neon Stamping Nail Polish | Hypnotic Polish

I found out that neon stamping polishes can be a little bit tricky to use, because they tend to dry a lot quicker comparing to normal stamping polishes. They dry even more quick when you stamp in a dry environment or in a room with air conditioning. Since we have winter right now, it’s pretty dry where I live and that seemed to be the main problem! I was curious whether they would work better in more humid room, so I took my stamping gear to a humid bathroom for a test and viola! All polishes stamped and transferred perfectly (both with regular and clear stampers).

I Pink, Therefore I Am

Hit The Bottle Neon Stamping Nail Polish | Hypnotic Polish

After many tests and trials I came up with a few tricks and tips:

  1. Make sure you are not stamping in a dry room (or a room with air conditioning). I think this is the most important tip of them all! If you live in a dry climate like me, you should first make sure to humidify your room. Right now I am using a humidifier and it seems like this solved the problem (the humidifier is not only for the stamping purposes, but my skin is also suffering when it comes to a dry winter weather), but you can also just hang a wet towel nearby or opt for bathroom stamping like me!
  2. You can apply a sticky base coat to transfer the designs perfectly. Michelle wrote an article about this, which you can find HERE.
  3. You can use a sticky stamper instead of clear. I’ve noticed that using a sticky stamper works much better with these polishes. The stamper seems to be picking up the designs better (probably due to the sticky nature of the head).
  4. Choose stamping images with broader areas (instead of fine lines). Fine lines would work better with a firmer stamper.
  5. Work fast and stamp before the polish dries on your stamper!

Shazam Yellow

Hit The Bottle Neon Stamping Nail Polish | Hypnotic Polish

I wanted to say thank you to Maria from Hypnotic Polish and Michelle from Hit The Bottle for being so sweet and helping me to resolve the issues I had with these polishes. Once I learned a few tricks, the polishes were working great for me, as you can see from my swatches! Thanks so much ladies, I’ve learned a lot about stamping with neon polishes.

Orange You Excited?

Hit The Bottle Neon Stamping Nail Polish | Hypnotic Polish

Overall, I had a very positive experience with these Hit The Bottle stamping nail polishes (despite the issues at the beginning). I love that the colors of these are very vibrant and also very pigmented and opaque. Did you see how well they showed up on darker colors? I was very impressed with that!

High Voltage Violet

Hit The Bottle Neon Stamping Nail Polish | Hypnotic Polish

Seas The Day

Hit The Bottle Neon Stamping Nail Polish | Hypnotic Polish

If you are interested in purchasing Hit The Bottle stamping nail polishes, please visit Hypnotic Polish. The neon stamping polishes from the Pour Some Neon On Me currently retail for €7.25 each.

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The products in this post were provided for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

  • I like all of the manicures and designs in this post. The colors are vibrant and fun . I love neon polish though I don’t wear it as often as I would like!

  • They look like some wonderful stamping polishes.