Indigo Glass Me Powder - Rainbow & Volcano | Video Tutorial

Hi everyone, I hope you guys had an amazing weekend. Did you score any Black Friday sales? I’ve shared a few promo posts on my Instagram story, so hopefully you found something for yourself. Personally, I only ordered a few more cuticle care items from Sunny’s. No nail polish this year for me, as I am starting to freak out about the size of my stash (which isn’t even that base haha).

In today’s post I am showing you the beautiful Indigo Glass Me powder. Glass Me is Indigo’s version of the popular aurora powder. It is a stunning iridescent powder that shifts to many colors. It gives you a nice pearly, chrome finish and it looks different on every base color. There are two versions of Indigo Glass Me powder – Rainbow and Volcano. You need to apply these powders over a top coat or gel without the dispersion layer (no sticky layer).

Let’s start with the gorgeous Glass Me Rainbow powder (my personal favorite). I applied the powder over a light pink base Porcelain Doll. The powder gives a beautiful iridescent finish that shifts from purple to blue to green. This powder looks stunning over blues, purples and whites. However, you can experiment with any color!

Indigo Glass Me Powder - Rainbow & Volcano | Video Tutorial

Glass Me Volcano was applied over a hot fuchsia pink Mama No Drama. This one shifts from pink to green to gold. I think Volcano looks beautiful on warmer colors, pinks, oranges, etc.

I applied a no wipe top coat Dry Top Supershine over a cured base. Cure your top coat and then rub in the Glass Me powder. I like to start applying the powder with a sponge tipped applicator and then continue with a silicone tool. That way, you can achieve a much smoother finish! Seal the powder with another layer of top coat and don’t forget to cap the free edge.

Both powders look stunning, but I’ve noticed that I was able to get a much smoother finish with the Rainbow one. Volcano had some tiny particles that weren’t as pearly and chrome as with the previous one. However, like I said, they are both stunning!

Indigo Glass Me Powder - Rainbow & Volcano | Video Tutorial

What do you guys think of the lovely Indigo Glass Me powders? Do you have a favorite among the two? I really love the Glass Me Rainbow, but the Volcano is also very pretty!

If you are interested in purchasing the Indigo Glass Me powder, please visit their website.

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