Indigo Nails by Natalia Siwiec

Hello lovelies. Today I have an exciting post for you with swatches and review of Indigo Nails by Natalia Siwiec. Indigo Nails is a brand from Poland and I have just established a cooperation with the brand. This means that I will get to try a lot of their products and share my thoughts on them. Good news is that they offer worldwide shipping, so everyone can get their polishes and gels.

Indigo Nails by Natalia Siwiec

Indigo Nails is mainly specializing in gel products, but they also carry normal polishes, as well as nail art accessories, nail care etc. They have also released the popular chrome and holo powders. You can see the video demonstration that I made here. I will be soon reviewing their new chrome powder with much smoother chrome effect (can’t wait to show you!).

Indigo Nails by Natalia Siwiec

Indigo Nails by Natalia Siwiec Collection consists of 10 pastel polishes. Natalia Siwiec is a Polish celebrity who has collaborated with Indigo to create this beautiful collection. These bright pastel colors would look perfect on everyone, but especially on tan skin tones, as they are quite bright, but subtle at the same time.

The formula was a little bit different comparing with other soak-off gel polishes that I have tried. It is much thinner, which is a plus in my opinion. You might need to put an extra layer to get a good coverage, but you don’t end up with thick looking gel on your nails. The formula is almost like a regular nail polish and you might need to get used to it. Overall, it is easy to work with and once cured in the lamp it looks very even on the nail without any bumps or thicker spots.

Ibiza Chill is a beautiful orange pastel creme and definitely my favorite color from this collection! I love such shades and how flattering they look on the nails. This one took three coats for a full opacity plus top coat for a shiny finish.

Indigo Nails by Natalia Siwiec (Ibiza Chill)

Martini & Bikini is a beautiful classic pastel pink creme. Beautiful soft color for all the pink lovers out there. I applied three coats plus top coat.

Indigo Nails by Natalia Siwiec (IMartini & Bikini)

Olala is a soft pastel lavender creme with warm undertones. Beautiful color. It looks a lot warmer than suggested on the print on the bottle. Here, I also applied three coats plus top coat.

Indigo Nails by Natalia Siwiec (Olala)

Nevermint is a bright pastel mint creme with a yellow undertone. I really like this color and it looks surprisingly good on my hands. This gel polish was a bit more pigmented comparing to the rest of them, but I still ended up applying three thin coat plus top coat.

Indigo Nails by Natalia Siwiec (Nevermint)

Cafe del Mar is a soft pastel blue creme. Another beautiful color. I seriously cannot get enough of these pastel shades! I think this was the best formula and I ended up with two coats plus top coat.

Indigo Nails by Natalia Siwiec (Cafe del Mar)

Protein Base Coat, according to the producer, is full of protein that are supposed to nurture and protect your nail while wearing a gel manicure. This base coat has a much thicker formula, so it might be tricky to apply, but it is definitely worth the effort. I noticed that the Protein Base is very flexible. It protects the nail from breaking and it feels like you have an extra coating on your nail. You can also rebuild a broken nail with it or extend the nail bed. Really cool!

Super Shine Top Coat is a top coat without the dispersion layer, so you can skip the extra step of wiping your nails with alcohol! Once applied on the nail and cured, it finishes your manicure with a beautiful shine. It has a really nice formula and it’s easy to apply. Love it!

Indigo LED Lamp is a medium size lamp that easily fits 5 nails. It’s super light, which is awesome! It has three time settings: 5s, 30s and 60s and two power settings (24W & 48W). The lamp has 30 tiny LED bulbs inside and it has an expected lifetime of 50,000 hours. Overall, very pleased with this one.

Indigo Nails Top Coat & Base Coat

What do you guys think of the Indigo Nails by Natalia Siwiec collection and all the other products in this review?

I am really loving the colors of this Summer collection and I can’t get enough of this gorgeous pastel orange, Ibiza Chill. Formula wise, I was a little bit surprised at the pigmentation and how thin it is. However, I think this might be a good thing, since my nails looked fabulous and the application was super even without any thickness on the nail. This is the only collection that I have tried from Indigo so far. I am not sure if the formula is the same across the whole range.

If you are interested in purchasing products from Indigo Nails, please visit their website. Like I mentioned at the beginning, Indigo Nails ships internationally, but you may want to take a look at their distribution list and find one in your country.

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This post came into life with collaboration and sponsorship with Indigo Nails. All opinions are my own.

  • Some fresh light colors they are.

  • These are stunning bleached neons, so pale and crisp! Beautiful :)

  • Woah I am absolutely in love with these Paulina!! How stunning are those colours <3 just perfection!

  • Be still my heart, what beautiful pastels! That’s cool to hear that they will be listening to your feedback too. :)