Madam Glam Metallic Gel Polish Swatches

Hello my beautiful friends. Today I want to show you a few polishes from Madam Glam Metallic gel polish range. Metallic and chrome nails seem to be a big hit this year, so I was very excited to try these new products from Madam Glam. These are not your usual gels, you can call them hybrids, as they can also be used as normal polishes.

The application of Madam Glam Metallic gels is a little bit different. You can refer to this blog post written by the talented Michelle from Manic Talons. She explains the application step by step in details, so it’s worth to read it before using these. In short:

  1. Apply your base coat and cure as directed.
  2. Apply Madam Glam No Wipe Top coat and cure as directed (It has to be a no wipe top coat, regular top coat will not work with these).
  3. Apply one thin layer of the Madam Glam Metallic gel. You need to work quickly and use as few strokes as possible. Going over the same spots with your brush will ruin the metallic effect (learned that the hard way…). Cure at least 2-3 minutes in a LED lamp.
  4. Apply one layer of no wipe top coat and cure as directed. Be careful when applying the last layer of gel as it can destroy the metallic pigments.

I also wanted to let you know that I tried using these as normal polishes and they work well. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to use a water-based top coat, such as Little Ondine. Normal base coat will totally ruin the smooth chrome effect. Also use a base coat (or a ridge filling base coat) prior to application.

Now that we have that covered, let’s take a look at some swatches!

Madam Glam Get To The Point is a beautiful deep metallic red. I think this was my favorite from the bunch! I applied this one over a black base, so it has a gorgeous depth. The application was easy and flawless!

Madam Glam Metallic Gel (Get to the Point)

Madam Glam Play Date is a beautiful copper that looks a little bit rosy. I was the most excited about this color, but for some reason it was giving me a lot of trouble. The first application was a fail, so I had to start over and try again. I applied this color over a black base and it was getting quite patchy. I need to try skipping the black base and see what happens. You can see a lot of imperfections on my nails with this color, but I still love it!

Madam Glam Metallic Gel (Play Date)

Madam Glam Boyfriend Style is a gorgeous blue. With this one I skipped the black base to see how it was going to behave and the application was a little bit smoother in my opinion. It went on easily with no fuss. This is my second favorite color, isn’t it gorgeous?

Madam Glam Metallic Gel (Boyfriend Style)

Madam Glam Ice Blue is a gorgeous silvery chrome with a cool blue undertone. Another beautiful color and the application was quite OK, but I did have some patches, especially at the tips of my nails.

Madam Glam Metallic Gel (Ice Blue)

What do you guys think of the new Madam Glam Metallic gel polishes? I do love the end effect, but it is quite difficult to get them to work. The formulas of these were quite fussy and I did have some troubles with the application, even though I followed all the steps carefully. Maybe with a little bit of practice my application of these metallic will improve and they will look even better.

If you are interested in purchasing these Madam Glam Metallic gels, please visit their website. They currently retail for $19.95 each. Remember to pick up the no wipe top coat if you don’t own one already, as you really need it. Remember about my coupon code, that will save you 30% paulinaspassions30.

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The products in this post were provided for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

  • Great swatches of each color!

  • vicky baker

    Wow these are all gorgeous. Love them.
    Vicky xx

  • Agreed, they’re beautiful but definitely tricky to use! Loving Ice Blue on you!

  • These really have such a smooth metallic look in the end! That red is to die for!

  • Play Date is beautiful, too bad you had trouble with it.