Marble Smoosh Nails - Mani Swap with Marine LP

Hello lovelies. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. I don’t do a lot of mani swaps, but when I do, it must be with a very special person. I am pretty sure you know the talented lady with whom I teamed up today – the amazing Marine LP!

I have been following Marine’s blog since the very beginning and I loved watching how she evolved as a nail artist. Her style, the photos and general aesthetics are just amazing and now she also started her YouTube channel, so we get to see some amazing tutorials! Definitely subscribe to Marine’s YouTube channel!

Marble Smoosh Nails - Mani Swap with Marine LP

We decided to make video tutorials for our mani swap.  Marine is known from her perfect stamping designs, but I decided to recreate one of her magical marble smoosh nails. I followed THIS particular tutorial to create this nail art and you can find my video tutorial below.

Marine chose one of my rose nail art designs and you can find her tutorial below. I am so happy that she recreated this design. I love making roses (and all kind of different florals) and I am always happy to see recreations by other nail artists. Don’t you think she absolutely nailed these roses? The details are absolutely stunning and her photos breathtaking!

Marble Smoosh Nails - Mani Swap with Marine LP

For my marble smoosh nails I used three nail polishes from Il était un vernis and their Juice Bar collection. Mintastic, Truth or Dare and Radioactive Love were the three colors I used for the marble smoosh nails.

Marble Smoosh Nails - Mani Swap with Marine LP

I also used the XL Clear Stamper by TwinkledT. I chose a large stamper with a flat surface for easier pick up and transfer of the smoosh.

Marble Smoosh Nails - Mani Swap with Marine LP

What do you guys think of our mani swap? Let me know in the comments what you thought of our video tutorials!

I am so so happy I had a chance to do a swap with Marine. She is absolutely amazing and a very talented artist. I am so in love with the roses that she made. They look very elegant on her nails and the detail is just amazing. Thank you so much girl for doing this swap with me and I hope we can collaborate again soon.

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  • What gorgeous nails!

  • Świetnie odwzorowałyście nawzajem swoje zdobienia! Brawa dla obu :) Ja też robiłam z innymi dziewczynami mani swap już 2 razy i uważam, że to b. fajna zabawa :)