Models Own Fruit Pastel Collection Swatches and Review by Paulina's Passions

Hello my beautiful friends. I hope you are doing great. Ready for Halloween tomorrow? I am still deciding on my costume. I collaborated with Live Live Polish once again and today I have the wonderful Models Own Fruit Pastel collection to share with you. The collection consists of beautiful pastel shades that are fruit scented! No kidding, the polishes actually smell like fruit.

Models Own Fruit Pastel collection counts 7 pastel polishes and I have 6 of them on the blog today (Coconut Cream is not included). I love pastel shades and I was really excited to try these out! I also love the cream formula, so this collection is a real winner for me! Let’s take a a closer look at each shade and I will tell you more about them.

Models Own Fruit Pastel Collection Swatches and Review by Paulina's Passions

All six polishes were swatched over one coat of Glisten & Glow Stuck on Blu! base, topped with Seche Vite top coat. You can enlarge each picture to see the details.

Grape Juice is a stunning pastel purple and like the name suggest is smells like grapes. I really love this shade, as I am a little obsessed with purple polishes. The formula was good and easy to work with. I applied three coats plus top coat for the shine. As for the smell, it is very subtle.

Models Own Fruit Pastel Collection - Grape Juice

Blueberry Muffin is a beautiful baby blue. I am really loving this dreamy shade, but the formula was not the best. The application was quite patchy and I had to work hard to have an even layer. I applied three coats plus top coat. The smell is nice, but also very subtle.

Models Own Fruit Pastel Collection - Blueberry Muffin

Apple Pie is a very light mint green that smells like apples! I was so excited to try this polish, because I am really loving the color. Unfortunately, the formula left a lot to wish for. It was patchy again and I had to apply three coats, plus a few touch ups to have a full coverage. The scent is amazing though, probably one of the strongest from the entire collection and I could smell the apples when I was waving my hand near my face.

Models Own Fruit Pastel Collection - Apple Pie

Banana Split is a gorgeous pastel yellow that reminds me of a lemon cream. I am not sure why it’s banana scented, as this shade looks more lemony to me, but it smells good nevertheless. Also, very strong banana smell, which I loved! The formula was quite good. I am always dreading those light yellow shades, as they tend to be hard to apply. This one was pretty good and I applied three coats for a full opacity. It’s going to be amazing for some Spring nail art!

Models Own Fruit Pastel Collection - Banana Split

Peach Melba is a stunning, light peachy pastel. The formula was OK, but nothing spectacular. I applied three coats for a full opacity and had to touch up here and there. The scent in this one is barely there… It’s a lovely pastel orange and if you are in a search of a true peach color, this is it.

Models Own Fruit Pastel Collection - Peach Melba

Strawberry Tart is a gorgeous pastel pink. I love light pink polishes, so I was really excited when I saw this baby in the bottle. The formula was OK, but still had to apply three coats for a full opacity. I also wish the strawberry scent was stronger, because I could barely smell anything.

Models Own Fruit Pastel Collection - Strawberry Tart

Overall, I am quite pleased with the Models Own Fruit Pastel collection. Even though, the formula in most of the polishes was not the best, I really love the pastel shades. I think they could work perfectly as a light background to a pretty nail art. The scent in most of them was very subtle, barely there (except Apple Pie and Banana Split).

I also made a simple rose nail art using Blueberry Muffin as my background color. I made the flowers on half of my nails and added some golden studs to make a border. I love how they turned out! Girly and edgy at the same time.

Rose nail art with Models Own Blueberry Muffin

If you like this Models Own Fruit Pastel collection, you should definitely visit Live Love Polish online store. They carry a lot of colors from Models Own and they retail at $8.50. They ship worldwide and you will get a free shipping if you spend over $20 (US) and $50 (International).

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Have a lovely day everyone and have a fun Halloween tomorrow! Stay tuned, because I have lots more reviews coming up on my blog. So excited!


The products in this post were provided for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

  • These are such great pastel. Wonderful swatches of them and the nail art at the end is so gorgeous!

  • This is an amazing collection of pastel shades. I couldn’t choose just one favorite, they are all amazing and the nail art is gorgeous as always!