NCLA - Color4Nails - Lolanthe Swatch

Hello my beautiful friends. Today I am coming to you with a review of the beautiful nail polish that was created in collaboration between NCLA and Color4Nails. NCLA has created this beautiful purple holo especially for Color4Nails and it will be available only there. Mark your calendars for May 22nd and keep your eyes peeled on the Color4Nails website and social media to get this exclusive shade.

NCLA - Color4Nails - Lolanthe Swatch

I have to say, that my initial experience with NCLA polishes was not too great. I have reviewed two of their cremes before and you can read all about it here. The formulas were very sheer and I had lots of trouble with the application. When I received this holographic collaboration shade I was very curious about their holo formula. I am very pleased to say that the formula of Lolanthe was outstanding!!! It’s one of the best holo polishes I have tried so far.

Lolanthe is a rich violet purple holo. The formula was very pigmented and creamy and it applied like a dream. It covered my nails with one easy coat, but I applied two coats (mostly out of habit and for more even finish). I also applied one layer of top coat for more shine and glossy finish. Just look at all the sparkles and the beautiful rainbow. I am totally in love. I wish all the holo polishes were made like Lolanthe, because it’s truly beautiful and a real pleasure to work with.

NCLA - Color4Nails - Lolanthe Swatch

I was experimenting a little bit with flash photography and here are my results. I think the holographic finish shows beautifully when you use flash and you can  see the rainbow clearly. My skin is a little bit washed out, but I don’t really mind it. I’m really loving the bottle shot. The holo particles were sitting on the wall of the bottle and you can see that beautiful rainbow as well. I hope you like my pictures as much as I do.

Lolanthe nail polish in collaboration with NCLA and Color4Nails will be releasing on Sunday, May 22nd and will be exclusively available at Color4Nails website. Keep an eye on their social media and website, so you don’t miss it. If you’ve been wanting to treat yourself with a beautiful nail polish, I highly recommend getting Lalonthe. I am very excited to be adding this purple holo to my collection, because it’s truly amazing.

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The products in this post were provided for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

  • przecudny! bardzo mi przypomina Berry Good Looking z Cupcake Polish :)

    • Troszke podobne. Berry Good Looking jest bardziej neonowy, a ten z kolei jest troche przygaszony. Moje zdjecia z fleszem bardzo uwydatniaja holo, wiec sie moze wydawac na bardzo intensywny kolor.

  • The color is just stunning!

  • WOW!! Your photos are blowing me away! Absolutely gorgeous Paulina!

  • I am loving this color and your photos are having me drooling!!

  • It is a dream color and nail polish!

  • Stunning photos Paulina! Your and Emily’s posts are really making me mad at our post office for not getting this beauty to me yet – I need it yesterday! =D

    • Oh, Alena. I hope they will come very soon. You’ll love this color. I was pretty lucky that it came so soon, because usually the post here also takes forever.

  • Twinning!! :D ahhhhh your swatches are so gorgeous Paulina! Your photos show off the holo so well, I’m dying over that bottle shot!

    • Thank you so much :) It was a little bit of experiment, as I never use the flash, but I quite like the effect :)

  • Good grief! HOLO! You did really well with the flash and keeping the colour looking real! Great job. Meanwhile, over here, I want my real bottle asap!! <3

    • Thank you Christine :) You’re right, it’s hard to keep the color real when using flash. I also tried it with some iridescent polishes, but unfortunately the effect washed out…