Hello my lovelies. In today’s post I want to share a video tutorial on a no tool nail art for beginners! I often don’t realize that a lot of you are just starting your nail art journey and you may not have all the tools required. I created a super easy nail art with colorful abstract strokes and some golden foil. Let’s watch the video and I will tell you all about the products below.

All products used in this no tool nail art tutorial are from Indigo Nails, I started off by applying two coats of Mr. White. Then I picked three bright colors for my abstract strokes. I used pink Tutti Frutti, coral Summer Joy and lilac Lily.

The key to this technique is making sure to wipe off the excess nail polish off the brush before making the strokes. There should be only a little amount of nail polish left on the brush. You can overlay the colors, but don’t go overboard or else the colors will mix too much and your design may start looking muddy.

Easy No Tool Nail Art - Abstract Strokes | Indigo Nails

Once I was satisfied with the color strokes, I applied a thin layer of fast drying top coat. I decided to use a transfer foil to make this look more edgy and add a bit more shininess. I cute two small pieces of the foil Super Gold. I applied some foil glue in random places and waited about 60 second for it to dry. I placed the foil over the nail and rubbed it in to transfer the golden pieces.

Easy No Tool Nail Art - Abstract Strokes | Indigo Nails

At the end, I added a generous amount of shiny top coat to finish everything off.

Easy No Tool Nail Art - Abstract Strokes | Indigo Nails

What do you guys think of my no tool nail art? I think this design is such an easy way to make your nail looking interesting! You can achieve this abstract look in just a few minutes. I think it all depends on your creativity and how you combine the colors.

Let me know your thoughts and comments in the comment section below. As always don’t forget to check Indigo Nails website and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

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This post came into life with collaboration and sponsorship with Indigo Nails. This does not affect my opinions on the products shown. All opinions are my own.


  • Lothwen Akira

    So cool :D

  • These look great!

  • Paulina these nails are just soo stunning! The gold foil gives it so much depth and dimension!

  • Eliza Ok-W

    Wow, niebanalnie ♥

  • These colours look so great together! The gold foil finishes it off perfectly :)