Picture Polish Nail Art Challenge - Gradient Nails

Hello lovelies. If you are active on social media within the nail polish community, you may know that from time to time Picture Polish hosts nail challenges for all the nail art lovers. The contest always (I think?) takes place on Instagram, so please check Picture Polish account for more details.

Today is the reveal day of one of their contests with the theme Gradient. I really love making gradients and you can get so creative with the colors!

I started of by making a gradient with the beautiful Wisteria and Mad Magenta. The two colors look great together! I wanted to add a little bit of holo sparkles and I remember about the awesome glitter topper Holiday that was sitting in my drawer. I love how the holo glitters glisten in the light plus the iridescent flakies add a bit more magic to it.

Picture Polish Nail Art Challenge - Gradient Nails

My next step was to make a little gradient triangle. I taped my desired shape using a striping tape and then I covered all the rest of my nail with a liquid latex to protect from getting the new colors. I used Totes and Hot Lips for this bright gradient!

I think all the colors look absolutely wonderful together! I know it might be a bit much for some people. You get a very colorful nail art plus some sparkles! But I really like using bright colors that stand out like this.

Let me know what you think about this gradient for the Picture Polish nail art challenge in the comments below. And if you participated in the Picture Polish challenge, please show me your entries! I am curious what everyone came up with.

  • vicky baker

    Ooh this is so gorgeous. I love your nail art designs so much, I need to try this so much.
    Vicky xx

  • So pretty! I love the light colors combined with the shimmer; it’s a lovely, ethereal look.

  • These look pretty awesome. Love the colors you used in the manicure too.

  • This looks incredible! I’m loving the double gradient!