Hi everyone. Today I want to show you my cute, girly snowflake nails. I thought of making something a little bit different and choose not-so wintery colors. I love the pink and blue snowflakes that @just1nail made. I thought it was a cool idea to go for colorful snowflakes.

Snowflake Nails

I used W7 Powder Pink as my base. I love, love this color so much. It’s a very delicate, cool toned pink and it goes well with so many colors. The purple snowflakes are made with China Glaze That’s Shore Bright and the pink ones with OPI Pink Outside the Box. I had a hard time painting really thin lines with my brush. I suppose I need an even thinner brush for this. Do you have any suggestions for a really thin brush? Do let me know what yo are using for fine lines like these :)

Snowflake Nails

When I was done with my colorful snowflakes, I put one layer of my beloved China Glaze Fairy Dust. I didn’t know you could be obsessed with a nail polish as I am obsessed with this one :) I just love the sparkling finish it gives. At the end one layer of Seche Vite top coat and I was ready to go.

Snowflake Nails

What do you guys think about these snowflake nails? I hope you liked them and I hope I managed to do something different from all the other snowflakes. Have a lovely evening :*

Snowflake Nails

  • Love the snowflakes in pink and purple!

  • Sooo gorgeous! Just like with your last mani, I really like that you’re using “untraditional” colors :)
    (Me on the other hand am now sporting bright red nails with a glitter gradient, christmas anyone? :p)

  • What girly looking snowflakes!

  • Claire

    Ils sont trop mignons ces … oups ! sorry
    They’re too cute these snowflakes. Very good idea to make them in girly colors. It’s very soft. I’m a little fed up with all this blue and the red and the green and the gilt.
    I didn’t know China Glaze Fairy Dust. There is a purchase in the air. It matches perfectly with your mani. Gorgeous nails. Nice photo.

  • I love that you used pink and purple for the snowflakes!

  • This is very beautiful! I like colors that you choose! Gorgeous snowflakes!!

  • I love how delicate and girly this looks!!!

    • Thank you :) I love some girly nails

  • I love them so much thought I am definitely not the girly type. So pretty and delicate!

    • Haha I know what you mean, I am not a girly type either, but I love some pink on my nails ;)

  • I love your feminine take on these snowflake nails. The glitter and pink is perfect :)

    • Thank you :) Glad you like them.

  • These are super-pretty :D

  • These are beautiful!! I never think to do other colors for winter/snowflakes :)

    • Thanks girl! Yes, it’s a common thing to make blue or white snowflakes, but I wanted something different ;)

  • This is just so pretty! No other word for it. :)

  • I really like this! :)

  • Wooow!!!! I love pink and this is totally something I’d want to wear! SO neat and pretty