Pink Nails

Pink Nails

Hi everyone. Today is a quick post with my Lazy Sunday nails. Since I am in Belgium for a few days I wanted to make something easy and simple. I only took 4 nail polishes, base coat and a top coat with me, so created these pretty pink nails with glitter. This beautiful base pink is from Flormar (number 32). It’s a very bright, almost neon pink (you can’t tell it’s neon in these photos, because I have edited them to look more vintage). It’s one of my favorite nail polishes. I found some tape in my dad’s tool box, so I decided to add a little twist to it by adding glitter triangles by my cuticles. This pretty glitter nail polish is from W7 called Cosmic Mauve. It’s gorgeous! What else do a girl needs besides pink nail polish and glitter? ;)

Pink nails with glitter

I am going home tomorrow, so I will have access to my nail polish stash to create more interesting designs. I can’t wait! I have so many ideas in my head ;)

  • Gosia

    Słodziutkie cukiereczki :-)

  • This is so gorgeous! Now I want to recycle my moustache manicure and make it like this ;)

    • Awww thank you Lisa. I think you should leave the mustache nails, cuz I bet they are gorgeous!

  • Mooi gedaan! Leuk die glittertjes!

  • I actually prefer this “vintage” pink to a neon pink…so girly and pretty! For spring :) Did you use tape to make the glitter triangles? lovely

    • Thank you :) Yes, I used normal tape.

  • I soooooo agree with you – pink & glitter = perfect girly girl combo! :D
    These are fantastic! And I too know the feeling of travelling and leaving our baby stash at home ;) Surprised at your courage to only take four polishes! You’re my new hero! haha <3

    • Thank you darling. Yes, I was also surprised that I was able to limit myself with the number of nail polishes ;)

  • Well done, I love the result!

  • Wow vind dit echt super-super mooi!! Ik ga dit denk ik dragen voor koninginnedag alleen dan ipv roze oranje!