Hi guys. I hope everyone is doing great. I have posted the video of my sweater nail art already a while ago on YouTube, but it seems like I forgot to share this tutorial here. It seems like the sweater nail art designs started to be popular last year already, but this time they had a bit of a comeback, so I’ve decided to tackle this technique on my YouTube. I hope you enjoy my tutorial.

To start your sweater nail art design, you want to apply a base color plus top coat. It doesn’t matter what top coat you use, but if you opt for the sticky one, make sure to wipe off the dispersion layer before proceeding with the nail art.

I have tried many different color combos with the sweater nail art. I’ve noticed that this design looks best when you use similar colors. For example, in my video I used a pink base and only a slightly darker shade of pink to paint the cable knit. I have tried using contrasting colors before and the sweater just didn’t look so good in my opinion. In this video I used Indigo Nails Rose Quartz and It’s a Girl.

Pink Sweater Nail Art Tutorial with Gel Polish | VIDEO

I used a thin brush to create this cable knit pattern. There are many possibilities of what pattern you want to paint on your nails. Just be creative and make it look as close to a cozy sweater as possible. The trick to this sweater nail art is to sprinkle a clear acrylic powder over the design before you cure it in your LED lamp. Once your design is fully coated with the acrylic powder, you can now cure the design.

Pink Sweater Nail Art Tutorial with Gel Polish | VIDEO

What do you guys think of this cute and cozy nail art? Have you tried making a sweater nail art design yourself? What is your technique? I would love you to share your experience in the comments below.

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