Hello my beautiful friends. Marble nails took over the internet about a year ago. I have to admit, that I love marble nails in all shapes and forms and I quickly embraced all the techniques. I would usually use a regular nail polish to create the marble designs. However, I always like to challenge myself, so in today’s video I am going to show you how to create marble nails with gel polish.

The base of my manicure is my favorite off-white gel polish Coconut Milk by Indigo Nails. It is such a gorgeous color and I have been using it a ton this year.

Realistic Marble Nails - Step by Step Tutorial | Indigo Nails

The technique to these realistic marble nails is very easy. You simply want to dissolve the black gel polish with some cleaner and slowly build up the marble effect. I used Arte Brillante Black Poison, which is great for nail art, as it is very pigmented. I dissolved the gel with the Wipe Off Cleaner, but you can also use some rubbing alcohol.

Realistic Marble Nails - Step by Step Tutorial | Indigo Nails

You want to start applying the black gel very thinly and slowly build up the color. At the beginning I was using a thick brush, such as Aquarelle Master Paint by Indigo. As my gradient was building up, I switched to a thinner brush, such as Master Art 003. Don’t forget to cure each layer, once you are satisfied with blending. If you mess up, you can always remove the layer and start over.

Realistic Marble Nails - Step by Step Tutorial | Indigo Nails

For bright manicures, such as this, I recommend using Crystal Top Coat. This top works best with light colors!

Let me know in the comments below what you think of my marble nails. Have you ever tried a marble manicure with gel polish? I am curious about your technique – do share!

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