Sharm Effect - How to Make Realistic Roses with Gel | Indigo Nails

Hello my lovelies. How is everyone doing? In today’s post I would like to show you how to make realistic roses using gel polish. Wet on Wet is a very easy technique that is based on applying the rose petals on wet base color. Please watch my video tutorial below, so you can get an idea on what I am talking about. I will tell you more in a bit.

Your first step is to apply one coat of white gel and cure it in LED for 30s. I am using Mr. White by Indigo Nails. Apply your second coat. It is very IMPORTANT to apply your second coat as thinly as possible! This is the key to sharm effect technique.

Sharm Effect - How to Make Realistic Roses with Gel | Indigo Nails

Use gel color that has a thin consistency. It will be easier for the petals to spread on your nail. The beautiful rich red, which I am using in this tutorial is Red Delicious by Indigo Nails. It’s a perfect, bright shade of red with a slight golden shimmer. Try painting the rose petals close to each other, but without them touching.

After a few petals are applied, you will start noticing that they are spreading a bit creating this beautiful blurred, marble effect. Wait a few seconds before curing your complete look in LED to allow the petals to spread nicely. At the end apply a generous amount of top coat. I am using Dry Top coat here.

Sharm Effect - How to Make Realistic Roses with Gel | Indigo Nails

I hope you enjoyed my video on this awesome sharm effect technique. Please let me know if you have any questions or any difficulties you may have come across. Overall, it’s an easy method to create realistic looking roses using gel polish.

Let me know your thoughts and comments in the comment section below. As always don’t forget to check Indigo Nails webshop and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

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  • This looks incredible! I’d never heard of this technique before!

  • So pretty and I’ve never seen or heard of this technique too.

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  • Przepiękne te róże! szkoda, że ten efekt jest prawie nie do osiągnięcia zwykłymi lakierami :(

  • vicky baker

    Oh wow, this effect is amazing and I am def going to give this a go soon, thank you so much for the video tutorial.
    Vicky x