Reindeer and Plaid Nail Art Tutorial | VIDEO

Hi everyone and welcome in 2018. I hope you guys had a wonderful start of the year. We are starting this year with a video tutorial of reindeer and plaid nail art. This design is inspired by the wonderful Nails by Cambria. You can see the original design HERE. Her plaid nail art had a different color scheme from mine – she used red and gold instead of pink and rose gold. Also, mine lines aren’t nearly as perfect as hers, but I am still really liking this design.

Most of the colors I used for this design are from Cirque Colors. We have the beige Madison, dusty pink Spotted in SoHo and the amazing rose gold Halcyon. I used Lights Out from Heroine NYC and mine lines were painted with an acrylic paint.

Well, to be perfectly honest, I don’t usually use acrylic paint for nail art and I am not sure if it was a good idea. You can see in the video that I was struggling a bit with the lines. The main issue was the paint was drying really fast on my brush and I think I would be better off just using a regular polish, but of well. I am not sure how to fix the drying paint issue. I’ve dipped my brush into some oil, which is supposed to help, but it didn’t. Generally, not a big fan of acrylic paint.

Reindeer and Plaid Nail Art Tutorial | VIDEO

To create the beautiful reindeer, I stick the antler stencil on a flat (or rather flatter) stamper. Then I filled in the design with color and remove the stencil. I waited about a minute or two for the design to dry a bit before stamping it onto my nail. You might be wondering why I didn’t apply the stencil right on my nail. Ugh… I am always really annoyed when the sticker doesn’t completely lay flat on my nail and then I get a flood of polish underneath and it’s a complete mess. This technique is a life-saver! I used Whats Up Nails stencils and the stamper is from Twinkled T.

Reindeer and Plaid Nail Art Tutorial | VIDEO

At the end I applied a generous amount of top coat. Lately I am using the good old Seche Vite. I am aware that there are better top coat out there that don’t shrink designs, but this one is easily available.

Reindeer and Plaid Nail Art Tutorial | VIDEO

What do you guys think of my reindeer and plaid nail art design? And how about that color combo? I personally loved Cambria’s red and gold, but this one is also looking very pretty.

I hope you guys had a great start of the 2018! I am wishing you all the best this year.


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  • Lothwen Akira

    Stunning! Love your colour scheme!

  • Very pretty especially the color scheme.

  • Cindi

    I love your stencil on the stamper idea! That seems so much easier and will give a more perfect result rather than right on the nail. If you make a mistake or it doesn’t come out perfectly then you can start over and not have to redo the entire nail. Your mani is gorgeous with the rose gold and the pink. I like it better then the traditional red plaid designs.

  • This is a really beautiful manicure.

  • Amazing! Love the desing so much.