Hi everyone! I hope you are having an amazing day (evening). It’s so late here (0:45), but I was determined to finish my roses nail art tutorial for you guys. Maybe some of you will want to try it and Sunday is a perfect time for it.

Those of you who follow my blog for a while know that floral nail art is one of my favorite to make and roses are especially close to my heart. They are so easy to make and they always turn out great, even if you screw things up a little. I honestly thought that making roses was nothing special and everyone knew how to make them, but I got so many questions asking how I make my roses and if I could make a tutorial on them. I thought it was a good idea and I snapped photos, while making my roses the other day.

Roses Nail Art Tutorial

I chose a pretty mint color as a base for these roses, just because I think pink and mint go together so well :) I also made a glitter gradient on my accent nails, just to keep things interesting ;) The polishes I used will be listed below.

Things you will need:

  1. Nail polishes: base color (mint or any other color you like) three kinds of pink (light, medium and dark shade), green for the leaves and gold glitter for the accent nail (optional)
  2. Dotting tool
  3. Thin nail art brush
  4. Top coat

Roses Nail Art Tutorial

Roses Nail Art Tutorial Step by Step:

  1. Paint your nail with a base color. I recommend using a light shade. The roses will pop more and will be contrasting nicely with your background.
  2. With your dotting tool make three random circles on your nail with the lightest of the pinks. They don’t have to be perfect.
  3. With your medium pink start shading the roses. I used my thin nail art brush, but you can also do it with a toothpick, if you don’t have a brush. Start from the middle of the rose and make half circle strokes going towards the outside of the flower.
  4. Take the darkest shade of pink and do the same as in step 3. Don’t overdo it with the dark pink or your rose will lose the depth. Remember to leave some light pink spaces in between.
  5. Add leaves and put a good layer of top coat.

Roses Nail Art Tutorial

It’s quite easy, isn’t it? As for the polishes I used, the mint color is Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet. The lightest of the pink is W7 Powder Pink, the medium is Bellaoggi no. 21, the darkest is OPI Strawberry Margarita. For the leaves I used Catrice Miss Piggy’s BF and the top coat was Seche Vite. The glitter Gradient was made with a beautiful Shimmer Polish Tracy.

Roses Nail Art Tutorial

Making tutorials is one of those things that I haven’t gotten a hang of yet. I mean it’s just really hard to get consistent looking pictures, put them all together and write a clear description of the steps. I hope you will understand that I am a baby when it comes to tutorials and that you will be gentle with me. I didn’t have any New Year Blogging Resolutions this year, but I think making more tutorials will be one of them. Would you like to see more of them on my blog? Do let me know :)

I really hope that you liked my roses nail art tutorial and that it cleared things up for some of you on how to make these gorgeous flowers :) Have a lovely weekend!


  • I love your roses, I am so going to be trying this!!

    • Thank you honey :) Please share if you try this. I am always happy to see roses :)

  • These are beautiful! Thanks for the tutorial!

    • Thank you! Glad you like it. I hope it’s helpful.

  • I am totally going to try these! I especially love the minty background :)

    • That’s great! Please share your roses, when you do :)

  • How gorgeous! Your roses are perfect!

  • Elisabeth

    These are amazing.I’ve always wondered how you do your rose nail art.
    Thanks for the tutorial! :)

    • Thanks Elisabeth! I am really glad you like it.

  • These look gorgeous! I would definitely love to see more tutorials from you, because you make such pretty and elegant designs and I always wonder how you do them :)

    • Aww thank you :) I will put my mind into tutorial in 2014! They are kind of a pain to make, but the results are always great and it makes me happy to share my knowledge with you.

  • I love your roses, I think you do them sooo well! I will defenitely be following this tutorial next time I doing roses :) Which I hope won’t be too long!
    And I absolutely love the mint background and the glitter gradient works so well!

    • Thanks Lisa! I am curious to see your roses. I am sure you are going to rock them and bring them to the highest point of elegance ;)

  • The green polish is beautiful! I love your flower designs!! :)

  • This is sooo pretty! I do my roses a bit differently but I will try your method next time ^-^ Thx for sharing!

  • These are gorgeous, definitely going to give your tutorial a try! I would love to see more tutorials, I’d love to know how you do such amazing things on your nails!!

  • Gorgeous roses and color scheme!

  • Delphi Michaels

    I was one of the many clamoring for a tutorial after seeing your “Roses Nails with Gold Flakes” (http://paulinaspassions.com/roses-nails-with-gold-flakes/) mani. I was so excited to see this tutorial that I literally started squirming in my chair…that’s how anxious I am to try it! The bummer part is that I’m moving and most of my nail polishes are packed up for nearly the next week. However, maybe I can put that time to work for me by asking you a couple tutorial back-up questions that would elicit more detail to help those of us planning to try your tutorial: you said you used your “thin nail art brush.” After several too many purchases, I have found not all brushes are created equal…one person’s “thin” is another persons “striper” or “edger,” etc. To further help us, may I ask you to give a link to the brush you use? As an example, you could say, “My brush is on the bornprettystore.com website at http://www.bornprettystore.com/nail-brush-ongle-liner-drawing-line-paint-sizes-selectable-p-5273.html. The particular brush I prefer can be seen best in the second picture. It’s the third one from the top and is marked ’03# (11mm).’” And then, could you describe your painting technique? Maybe something like: “I make sure to have only a very small amount of the polish on my brush. Then I hold it at about 45 degrees from my nail and I use small, feathery movements to very lightly put in each half-circle stroke.” I hope questions like mine don’t scare you off from doing future tutorials because you have so much nail artistry to share. It’s just that giving us information down to the scale of how you hold your brush, etc., would make your tutorials among the most sought after and appreciated. Again, thank you so much. Hope to hear from you soon, Delphi

    • Hi Delphi, thank you for your comment and feedback. I try to describe my tutorials as clearly as I can, but the fact that English is not my native language sometimes get in the way.
      To answer your questions: the brush I am using the most is a brush from The Born Pretty Store (Here is the link: http://www.bornprettystore.com/acrylic-nail-paint-drawing-brush-p-465.html ). There are four brushes in this pack and the one I am using the most is the red one (no. 0), because it’s the thinnest out of four. I have a review of these brushes here http://paulinaspassions.com/back-to-school-challenge-sport-nails-born-pretty-store-nail-art-brushes-review/
      The brushes are very flexible and it’s really easy to move them around. They are not too long, which always makes it easy to control the movement. I think the brush that you have from TBPS should do!
      As for the painting technique, you just have to get the feeling of it. I think by thinking too much of holding your brush in the right position and angle, and how much polish you have on it will not help much. Just practice different designs with your brush and see what works best. I found that with circular shapes it’s best to hold your brush straight up (90 degree angle) and hold your hand on the table to have steady movements.
      I hope this helps!

  • This is amazing! thanks for the tutorial! ^^