Sienna Byron Bay nail polish Review & Nail Art Video

Hello my lovelies. How are you all doing? Today I am coming back with a review of the very special Sienna Byron Bay nail polish. Sienna Byron Bay is an Australian brand that’s vegan, handmade and 7-free. The wooden bottle caps are definitely the first thing that caches your eye about Sienna Byron Bay. They look absolutely gorgeous and feel luxurious. I was curious whether besides the looks the polishes were equally good. I can confirm right away, the quality of the products is outstanding. In this post, I have three swathes of the Sienna Byron Bay polishes, as well as a nail art video. Let’s take a look.

Peace is a translucent rosewater pink. The formula of this pretty, milky pink is definitely a jelly. You can apply one coat and have a very natural look or go for more coats for more opacity. In my swatch picture there are three coats plus top coat. I love this color and finish! The nail polish is very build-able and it dries flat on the nail.

Sienna Byron Bay Nail Polish - Peace swatch

Dream is a light periwinkle blue creme. I think this beautiful blue is going to look gorgeous on many different skin tones. This creme formula was very pigmented and creamy. I applied two coats for a full opacity (plus top coat). Like in the previous color, the nail polish dried flat and even on the nail.

Sienna Byron Bay Nail Polish - Dream swatch

Breeze is a mid-tone aqua creme. It’s an absolute beauty! I think my camera freaked out a little bit and it is showing it a lot more saturated than it really is. I applied two coats plus top coat.

Sienna Byron Bay Nail Polish - Breeze swatch

I made a very simple nail art using the beautiful Sienna Byron Bay polishes. I saw this simple technique on Instagram, but I cannot find it anymore! If you remember who has done a similar technique please let me know. I believe the original video was done with stars instead of triangles. Edit: Somebody let me know that it was Sveta Sanders who showed a similar design.

I painted my nails with Peace. While it was drying I made the triangles. I used my silicone nail art mate and applied the nail vinyls. My holo vinyls are from the Born Pretty Store and they are very affordable. I stuck the triangles when the base was still a little bit sticky. I topped everything with a fast drying top coat.

Sienna Byron Bay - Simple triangle nail art

What do you guys think of these stunning Sienna Byron Bay polishes? Are you in love the wooden caps as much as I am? I am totally in love with the design of the bottles, as well as the polishes themselves. The quality is amazing and the formula very pigmented and creamy.

Let me know your thoughts on this brand in the comments. Don’t forget to watch my nail art tutorial and subscribe to my YouTube.

If you are interested in purchasing the Sienna Byron Bay products, please visit their website. International shipping available!

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The products in this post were provided for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Sienna Byron Bay
  • Lothwen Akira

    Such a wonderful idea!

  • The colors are pretty and the nail art is awesome too.

  • vicky baker

    These colours are so pretty and your nail art is amazing. I watched the video and love how simple you make it look.
    Vicky xx

    • Thank you Vicky. This technique is very simple. It requires a bit of patience, but it’s very easy.

  • Nail Crazinesss

    O matko, jaka precyzja! Podziwiam za wytrwałość przy układaniu takich mini trójkącików. Rezultat oczywiście cudny :)

  • ha, też ostatnio widziałam tego typu zdobienie też na IG i to właśnie były gwiazdki, niestety nie mogłam znaleźć ponownie. jestem prawie pewna, że była to jakaś rosyjska blogerka… w każdym razie też wczoraj robiłam zdobienie tego typu i użyłam tego samego szablonu co u Ciebie :D generalnie świetny patent :) a te lakiery są przecudne – jestem zakochana w tych buteleczkach od pierwszego wejrzenia

    • Juz wiem! Sveta Sanders zrobila tutorial dla Whatsupnails :) Ktos mi napisal na Insta/ Ciekawa jestem twojego zdobienia. Brilliant minds think alike <3

  • Nie dość, ze buteleczki śliczne, to i lakiery wydają się niczego sobie!
    Świetne zdobienie, też gdzieś widziałam i nie mogę przypomniec sobie u kogo.