Sparkly Snowflake Nail Art with Gel Polish | Indigo Nails

Hi everyone. It’s time for another winter nail art design. Lately, I really like making designs with gel polish and gel made specifically for nail art. I like that with gel you can take your time and correct your mistakes before you cure your final design. Some good options for nail art on gel polish is the Arte Brillante line from Indigo Nails. These gels are very pigmented and it’s super easy to make thin, straight lines. In today’s video I am showing you how to make a cute sparkly snowflake nail art with gel polish, so let’s take a look!

I have two colors on my nails as a base, pink It’s a Girl and kind of beige Mini Bambini. I think they look wonderful together! I applied a layer of top coat (Dry Top Super Shine) and after it was cured I painted the snowflakes. I used my favorite Arte Brillante gel in the color White. This gel is thick and pigmented and it’s perfect for some detailed work.

Sparkly Snowflake Nail Art with Gel Polish | Indigo Nails

Before curing the snowflakes in the lamp, I sprinkled them with some Glass Me Rainbow powder. I cured the whole thing in a LED lamp and then I cleaned up some excess powder with a brush and later with a lint free pad and some cleaner. For this snowflake nail art I used two brushes Master Art 002 and 004.

Sparkly Snowflake Nail Art with Gel Polish | Indigo Nails

What do you guys think of this nail art? Do you also think that this 3D effect is kinda cool? Let me know in the comments whether you have ever tried this technique of putting a powder on wet gel. You can achieve some amazing designs by doing that!

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  • Lothwen Akira

    Absolutely stunning.

  • Really pretty!

  • Eliza Ok-W

    They look perfect!