SOUFEEL Charm Bracelet

Hi my beautiful friends. Today’s review is something a little bit different. I was approached by SOUFEEL, jewelery store, and they asked whether I was interested in reviewing one of their bracelets. I usually don’t do such reviews, but their jewelery was so beautiful and I really wanted to share with you guys. The main focus of SOUFEEL are charm bracelets, but they also offer necklaces, rings and earrings. I have chosen a charm bracelet, so let’s take a look at the pictures and I will tell you more about it.

SOUFEEL Charm Bracelet

To create my bracelet, I chose a basic bangle on which I would attach my charms. The bangle is 925 sterling silver and it’s a very simple one. I wanted the bangle to be simple, so it wouldn’t overpower the beautiful charms. The bangle has a barrel clasp for a secure closure that will keep your charm beads in place. It’s really easy to open as well as to close with a simple click. The bangle looks so classy that I was even considering wearing it alone to match an elegant dress.

SOUFEEL Charm Bracelet

As for the beads, I have chosen four different charms to attach onto my bangle. First of all there is the hamsa hand, which is an amulet for magical protection. I don’t really believe in such things, but I really like this design. This pendant is the longest from the entire bracelet, but I think it adds a nice variety to the size. Then I added two white crystal heart beads at both ends of the charms. I really wanted to add some sparkle, hence a bead with crystals.

The paw print is one to represent my fury kitties. I think this bead is the cutest of all and if you have pets, it’s a must. The golden tree of life is the one that I love most. Unfortunately it’s not available on the website, which is such a shame, because it’s such a beautiful pendant and it’s my favorite from the bunch. I really love the golden addition to the whole bracelet.

SOUFEEL Charm Bracelet

All the beads and pendants are also made from 925 sterling silver and they are such good quality. They looked very neat and polished and the crystals are so sparkly.

Before I received the SOUFEEL bracelet, I didn’t know what to expect, but this piece of jewelery is just so beautiful and neat. The bracelet itself (the bangle) looks elegant and classy and the beads add a little twist to it. There is a wide selection of charms and you can create so many beautiful bracelets. They have one for every occasion and so many categories starting from love to family and friends to animal lovers and travel enthusiasts.

They even have a nail polish charm! I wish they had it in offer when I was ordering mine.

SOUFEEL Charm Bracelet

I think this charm can be worn with any nail art or any color starting from something pastel to crazy neons to more subtle nudes. I am showing a few color combos to choose from in the picture above. You can turn your bracelet into something elegant and wear nude nails or make a statement by adding charms and a colorful nail polish. Which color would you choose?

If you are interested in purchasing SOUFEEL jewelery, definitely visit their website. I also have a discount code for you guys, which is Paulina5. It will give you 5% off on your order. SOUFEEL offers free shipping worldwide with orders over $50 and 365-day return and exchange guarantee.

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  • Such a pretty charm bracelet this is! :)