Halloween Nails

Halloween Nails

The spooky time of the year is coming and it is time to make some spooky nails. I have been browsing the internet yesterday to get some inspiration for my Halloween nails and found a few images that I took ideas from. THIS one here was an inspiration for my spooky house and THIS one for my cute little owl.

Halloween Nails

I started off with making a dark blue background. I made a gradient with darker blue at the top to imitate the dark sky. First time I made the gradient I used my nail polishes. It was a big mistake(!) It made such a big mess with my fingers and cuticles that even putting a cuticle oil didn’t help! At the end I messed the whole thing up and had to start all over. I was not looking forward to the mess again, so the second time I used my acrylic paints. It was much easier to clean up, but the gradient didn’t come out as pretty and I got some serious bubbles going on there LOL. Nevertheless, I am loving my Halloween nails!

All the rest of the elements I just made up on my own and used my acrylics to create everything. I am loving how my spooky house came out like and the pumpkin is just too cute. I think the whole thing is not as spooky as I would like, but still it’s a good Halloween mani :) The owl reminds me of my cat Brownie. She makes owl faces, when she is scared or focus and her eyes get really huge. We even call her Owl sometimes haha! Funny thing is that when my boyfriend saw this mani, he immediately said, OH Brownie!

Halloween Nails

I don’t know if you have noticed, but I have been changing my watermark lately, and for this mani I went all in and popped a good Halloween theme in here! If you are wondering where I got these cute Halloween fonts from, it is HERE and HERE. If you are looking for some great original fonts, you should check my Pinterest board called Useful Stuff. I pinned a lot of fonts in there.

Halloween Nails

I hope you like my Halloween nails :) Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and come back for more, because I am into it! Making pumpkins today :)

  • They are so cool! I like every nail!! The house and owl is my favourites!! Wow!WoW!

    • Thanks girl :) Owl is my favorite as well :)

  • The owl is adorable!!! The whole mani is so festive, love it!

  • These are SO cute!!

  • Aww so cute owl, amazing mani! :)

    • Thank you :) Glad you like them!

  • Beautiful Halloween nails!!

  • Honey, you totally nailed it! Yesssssss :D
    The owl is super although so sweet you don’t really get scared heheh :)
    The house is def my favourite – it came out perrrrfect! And one cannot ignore the pumpkin, of course!!!! :D
    Sweetie, can’t wait for all your other HAlloween if they’re all gonna come out this good ;)

    • Aww thanks Mina :) I worked hard on those and it paid off :) So glad you like them ;) Hope you will like my little pumpkins as well!

  • Angel

    This design is beautiful and so very creative! Good job!

  • this is EPIC – soooooo brilliant xx