Hello my lovely friends. I am coming back with a review of the Sunny’s Body Products Princess Box. This box contains of 12 different products in scents inspired by Disney Princesses. It sounded so yummy, that I simply had to purchase that box. I mean who can say no to Disney Princesses? I feel a little bit bad about teasing you with all the goodies, because by the time this box came in the mail, the box was well sold out. I decided to still post my review, so you can keep an eye on the upcoming boxes from Sunny’s Body Products. They usually come out every couple of months.

Take a close look at the adorable labels from each product. It’s a treat for all the Disney Princess lovers!

Sunny's Body Products Princess Box Review

Sunny’s Intensive Cuticle Therapy Oil – Be Brave inspired by Merida from Brave. The scent is described as “refreshing combo of woods, pines and cool misty breezes”. It’s an unusual scent in my opinion, not something I would reach for at first, but I really like it. It’s quite strong, but not overpowering and the pine smell definitely stands out. Intensive Cuticle Therapy Oil is one of my favorite from Sunny’s webshop and I use it daily. It softens my cuticles and gets rid off dryness.

Sunny’s Cuticle Oil – A Whole New World inspired by Jasmine from Aladdin. The scent is described as “rich base of vanilla, musk and sandalwood well balanced by lively top notes of jasmine, lavender and orange.” I LOVE this scent, it’s very oriental and matches Jasmine perfectly. I love using this cuticle oil on the go. Thanks to the roller ball applicator it’s safe to put it on your purse and not worrying about spilling the oil.

Sunny’s Lip Saver – Almost There inspired by Tiana from The Princess & The Frog. The scent is described as  “delicious warm beignets fresh out of the oven and sprinkled with powdered sugar.” The scent is sweet and kind of sugary, but not overpowering. I think this is going to be my new favorite product of all! I have been struggling with dry lips forever and you can’t imagine how many different products I’ve tried. They usually provide a short-term solution and it feels like they are just sitting on my lips, doing nothing. I feel like Sunny’s Lip Saver actually moisturize my lips and it also doesn’t disappear from my lips so fast. My lips are much more soothed right now and feel awesome. Sunny’s Lip Savers do not have a flavor added to it.

Sunny’s All Over Body Balm – Bring Honor To Us inspired by Mulan. The scent is described as “white baby tea leaves harmonized for balanced reflective moods”. Another super yummy scent, very subtle and you can clearly smell the tea. I like to apply this one on my elbows or if I have some dry patches on my body that require extra care.

Sunny's Body Products Princess Box Review

Sunny’s Bath Whip – Wishing Well inspired by Snow White. The scent is described as “dreamy, angelic composition opens with bright bergamot citrus then quickly trails to a mix of white florals, jasmine, iris and orris that sets on a delicate vanilla, sandalwood musk silver lining.” Bath Whip is a smooth luxurious bath wash that foams and leaves you feeling smooth and clean. I like to use it in the shower or bath and you can see it as a balm cleanser. It leaves the skin clean and smooth, but it can be a bit drying for sensitive and dry skin.

Sunny’s Hand Butter – Glass Slippers inspired by Cinderella. The scent is described as “a clean, refreshing fragrance, floral jasmine, lily of the valley, carnation.” I really love floral scents (especially containing lily and jasmine) and this one is my favorite from this box. The scent is clear, but not overpowering and you literally smell like flowers after application. Sunny’s Hand Butter is another favorite of mine and I use it every single day. I love applying a thicker layer on my cuticles at night and also it does wonders for my feet.

Sunny’sSugar Hand Scrub – The Lost Princess inspired by Rapunzel from Tangled. The scent is described as “humid nights in a damp, outdoor garden, fresh, brisk, mossy and grassy, with potted soil and terra-cotta stones and concrete statues.” This scent is so different and intriguing. It’s very fresh and not so feminine. It smells very natural and earthy and it kind of reminds me of “spa scents” (whatever that means, this was the first thought that came to mind when I smelled it). It’s not a typical scent I would choose, but because it’s so different, I really like it.  I like using Sugar Hand Scrub when my hands feel tired and beaten up. In the Summer I love to rinse my hands with cold water and then massage this products with circular motions until the sugar melts away. It leaves your skin very soft and well-moisturized.

Sunny's Body Products Princess Box Review

Sunny’s Triple Thick Body Cream – You Want Thingamabobs? inspired by Ariel from The Little Mermaid. The scent is described as “cool and refreshing aquatic notes deepened with water lilies and ocean breezes.” This scent is not what I would normally go for, but because it’s very soft and delicate I don’t really mind using it. Triple Thick Body Cream leaves your skin super soft and moisturized. I typically like to use it on my hands, but sometimes I would also use it for the body if it needs extra care. I love that this one has a pump!

Sunny’s On The Go Hand Lotion – Let It Go inspired by  Elsa from Frozen. The scent is described as “cool mints, camphor and bitter woods highlight a winter trek through the driven snow.” This scent matches princess Elsa perfectly, mainly because of the cooling mint. This scent is not really for me though, I am not into minty fragrances. I love using the On The Go Hand Lotion and it’s a perfect size for my small bag that I like to carry. It leaves the skin so soft and hydrated.

Sunny's Body Products Princess Box Review

Sunny’s Dry Spot Healer – Colors of The Wind inspired by Pocahontas. The scent is described “succulent fruits, berries, currants and tree ripened oranges accent this cool, moist mossy undertones of soil, fallen leaves and sagebrush.” I love using the Dry Spot Healer and I tend to apply it when my hands are extra dry. Unfortunately this fragrance is not my thing.

Sunny’s Lip Scrub – Pink Dress, Blue Dress inspired by Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. The scent is described as “sweet spun sugar surrounds soft barley.” I LOVE everything about this products, from scent to how soft it makes my lip feel. It gets rid of all the dead skin and paired with the Lip Saver does wonders. Favorite combo!

Sunny's Body Products Princess Box Review

Sunny’s Miracle Balm – Be Our Guest inspired by Belle from Beauty and the Beast. The scent is described as “a bed of roses surrounded by gardenias and plumerias.” Beautiful floral scent, super floraly and feels like you have just walked in to the flower shop. Even though, I love floral scents, I wasn’t too sure about this one at first, but it’s slowly growing on me. Miracle Balm is another product that appears in my daily cuticle routine. I love using it at night or just massage it in when I watch a movie. It’s very thick, but not too oily and that’s what I love about it.

That was a lengthy post, wasn’t it? I wanted to give you as much information as possible, so you can get an idea on how the Sunny’s Body Products seasonal boxes look like.

Like I mention at the beginning this particular box is already sold out (sorry!), but you can keep an eye on their website for the next one (which will probably release in a couple of weeks). The Sunny’s Body Products seasonal boxes usually retails for $50 with free US shipping and $50 + $5 for worldwide shipping. For 12 amazing products, that’s a steal in my opinion. If you want to try some Sunny’s Body Products right now, I highly recommend getting the Pick Your Own Sampler Pack (you can choose your own products and scents).

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  • I’m so glad I got the box. Everything smells amazing!

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  • We totally have very similar preferences for scents. The ones you loved and hated were the exact same for me! Overall a great box though right?! Some lovely scents!

  • Ah!!! Killing me with kindness, I see. These sound all so yummy even if I’m not a Princess lover much myself.
    Loved the idea of Sunny’s Dry Spot Healer – Colors of The Wind and Sunny’s Intensive Cuticle Therapy Oil – Be Brave

  • looks like a great box to sample the products and yes, the theme is adorable! There’s too many that I’d like to try to list but great in-depth review and enjoyed your photos as well :)

  • This box looks like so much fun! I’m really tempted to try one for myself =)

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  • I had to get this box because of the princesses too, haha. I LOVE how sexy a whole new world is. I hardly wear perfume anymore, so it’s fun playing with all of these unique scents. Great job on your review Paulina! It’s nice and thorough, but not too much.

  • These all sound so complex and amazing. I think A Whole New World would be my favorite. What a great comprehensive review you did Paulina!