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Hello my beautiful friends. In today’s post I have a video tutorial for all of you on how to make the famous sweater nails with gel. This whole look was completed using Indigo Nails products. Let’s watch the tutorial and I will tell you more about the products used in this video.

The star of the show was the wonderful Sugar Effect gel with which I painted the sweater design. Sugar Effect is a thick gel paste made especially for nail art on gel nails. I started off with a regular soak-off gel manicure and applied two coats of Mr. White followed by a layer of no-wipe top coat Dry Top Super Shine.

Once my desired sweater design was completed I sprinkled it with acrylic powder. Fashion Clear acrylic powder from Indigo Nails was the perfect product for this. It’s a very fine powder that doesn’t make your nails too gritty. You need to apply the powder on still wet/uncured gel. I like to do it several times to make sure every bit is covered. Then you can go ahead and cure your design in LED.

Sweater Nails Tutorial with Gel | Indigo Nails

It is much easier to use the Sugar Effect gel to paint and create cool designs with gel. Because of its thickness the gel does not shrink on the surface of your nail as much as regular soak-off gel.

It is possible to use a regular gel to create cool 3D designs together with the use of acrylic powder. In my video tutorial I demonstrated how I made the two hearts on my index finger. They are made with regular gel but with the same method.

What do you guys think of these cute sweater nails? Have you followed up on the trend of sweater nails yet?

I gotta say, I really love how simple these are, but still fun and colorful. I really enjoyed creating these and learning a new technique (I have never used acrylic powder before!).

If you are interested in purchasing any products mentioned in this post, please visit Indigo Nails website. They have a wide range of products from gel to normal polishes. International shipping is available.

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This post came into life with collaboration and sponsorship with Indigo Nails. This does not affect my opinions on the products shown. All opinions are my own.

  • Lothwen Akira

    So neatly done and such a cool effect, wow!

  • Super cute!

  • lovely design!

  • vicky baker

    Love this design and thought your video was perfect, they’re always so helpful. I will def be buying some acrylic powder to try, that effect it beautiful.
    Vicky x

    • Aww, thank you so much! That really means a lot, as I am still learning how to perfect my videos and a lot of things go wrong! :D Very happy you like it.