31DC2013 Day 24: Nails Inspired by a Book

Nails Inspired by a Book

Hi everyone. Today’s theme was nails inspired by a book. For a long time I didn’t know what to do on this day, but then I remembered this wonderful and funny poem I used to love as a child. It is called “Na Straganie” (“On the Maket”) by Jan Brzechwa. I am sure all my Polish readers out there know this book. It is a poem for kids and it’s about vegetables on the market.

Na Straganie - Jan Brzechwa

I loved when my paretns were reading this book to me, because it made me laugh so hard. The veggies are sitting on the market and are fighting and complaining. Mrs. Onion is in love with Mr. Beat. She says he is so red, because he is blushing on her sight. Mr. Beat doesn’t want to marry her, because she stinks and makes him cry. Do you see the little hearts I painted above Mrs. Onion? And the terrified looking face on Mr. Beat? Haha. Mrs. Parsnip is not feeling well. She is sick and looking very thin, pale and cannot sleep.

Everybody is complaining about their health, life and they are arguing. At the end of the poem Cabbage said that they should stop complaining, because all of them are going to end up in soup!

Nails Inspired by a Book

I really did my best to recreate the look and the characters of the veggies. I used my acrylic paints for all of them. Sorry for not picking more well known book, but this one just brought up all my childhood memories and I love it!

I hope you like my nails inspired by a book :)

Nails Inspired by a Book