Unicorn Chrome Mirror Nails | Whats Up Nails Aurora Powder

After nearly 5 years of blogging and doing my nails, I thought nothing could surprise me anymore until I got the Aurora Powder from Whats Up Nails. This product can be best described as unicorn chrome mirror powder with a stunning iridescent finish. Please watch my video tutorial below and then I will tell you more details.

There are two things you need to remember when applying the Aurora Powder. First, you need a gel top coat without the dispersion layer (such as Indigo Nails Dry Top Super shine). The powder will only adhere to the smooth finish of the no-wipe gel top coat. You won’t be able to apply it on your regular top coat.

The second thing is a proper application. Start by applying the pigment with a makeup applicator and then continue to work the powder into your nails with a silicone tool. You will achieve the best results when you rub the product on your nails long enough, so all the particles are smooth and mirror-like. Remember that little goes a long way. You don’t need to use a lot of the product for amazing results.

Unicorn Chrome Mirror Nails | Whats Up Nails Aurora Powder

Now, I noticed that applying your final layer of top coat often ruins the chrome effect. I am yet to find a top coat that doesn’t mess up the mirror effect when it comes to powder, so if you know a good one, please let me know!

Since I got the Whats Up Nails Aurora Powder, I wore it multiple times on my nails and received many compliments! It looks absolutely magical and the iridescent effect looks so much better in person (especially in low lights).

Unicorn Chrome Mirror Nails | Whats Up Nails Aurora Powder

This pigment will look so much different depending on your base color. In my video I applied it over cobalt blue base, but it also looks amazing over teal, purple and white.

Unicorn Chrome Mirror Nails | Whats Up Nails Aurora Powder

What do you guys think of this powder? Please let me know about your experience in the comments below (also if you tried such powders from different brands).

If you are interested in purchasing the Aurora Powder, please visit Whats Up Nails. It currently retails for $21.75.

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The products in this post were provided for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

  • Sabrina lackoholic

    Wow it looks amazing! GREAT JOB!

  • Lothwen Akira

    STUNNING *_*

  • Looks great!

  • So pretty on you!

  • Oh wow, this is incredible! Looks like magic on your nails!

  • I have an order of this coming and have been doing some research while it’s on the way. From what I’ve learned the key to top coating this without dulling the effect is to first use a water based layer (like nfu oh aqua base) over the chrome, let it dry, then finish with your favorite top coat. I just watched a video where a gal swore by clear elmers glue as her water based layer, then seche vite. The results were phenomenal. Can’t wait to try this powder!

    • Thank you for your tips! I thought of applying the water-base top coat before. In short term this is a good idea, however if you want to enjoy your gel manicure for a long time, it’s probably not going to work. The layer of water based top coat in between gel will make it chip and not last as long. Maybe if you are working with regular nail polish this is a great way of top coating! On the other hand, applying a chrome powder on regular nail polish doesn’t give the same mirror-like effect, so there is the dilemma! :)

      • Paulina, since my last comment I have received What’s Up Nails’s Aurora pigment and worked with it over traditional, non-gel nail polish 4 or 5 times, and after trial and error I now have it down pat! Here’s what is working for me and giving me lasting results, from bottom to top:

        Base coat (Orly Bonder for me)
        1-2 coats of whatever color polish I’m using under the powder
        One coat of Orly Bonder (the rubberized formula gives just the right amount of grip for the chrome powder)
        Buff in the chrome powder, then brush away excess
        Nfu-Oh’s Aqua Base (the coat on top of the chrome must be water based- this is crucial)
        Finish with a top coat, wrap the edges. I use Seche Vite.

        I did try out clear elmer’s glue once and only once as the water based layer, and while it did seem to set the chrome, it performed very poorly in conjunction with the Seche Vite. Within two days the seche separated from the glue. Attached is a photo of the Aurora pigment over a rich medium blue non-gel cream polish, using the method above. By the way, that mani is nearly a week old at the time of the photo, so definitely lasts well!

        • Hi dear. Thank you for coming back to me with this.
          I just looked at the photo and your nails look amazing! I am so happy that you found a great method to use the powder with a regular polish and decided to share your experience. I am definitely going to try this as soon as my Orly Bonder arrives (ordered it just now).
          With all the powders that are out on the market right now, it’s definitely a good idea to be able to work them out on a regular polish :) I just posted a new video on my YT with an amazing white chrome powder. Have you seen it?
          I am very excited to try your method and maybe if it works well for me I will make a tutorial and share it with everyone. I will of course credit you and if you have a blog or Instagram account I will post a full credit. Please let me know if that’s OK with you.
          Thank you again. I will let you know how I get along with the Orly Bonder.

  • What kind of polish did you use? Were all those colors gel polish? I ask because I can’t get gel topcoat to apply properly over (100% dried overnight) regular polish. I always end up with craters.

    • I used gel polish in this entire look. The method you are describing doesn’t work, because gel top coat doesn’t adhere to the regular nail polish. Sorry for my late reply. I hope this helps a bit!