Hi my lovely readers. I hope your week is going great so far. Today I want to show you another winter nails that I made a few days ago. I didn’t have time to post them earlier, but here they come.

Winter Nails

I have been seeing some wonderful winter nails all over the internet and the ones that I liked the most were the winter landscapes. I think it’s such a beautiful and artistic thing to make the whole landscape on your nails. I have always thought that it was very hard , but once I tried it wasn’t even that bad. It’s like painting on a really small canvas (not that I have any experience on painting on a canvas, but you get my point).

I started off with a light blue base. I used Rimmel Too Cool To Tango and then I put a thin layer of China Glaze Fairy Dust. I love using Fairy Dust on the winter nails. I think it gives a beautiful sparkling and frosty look.  Then I took my acrylic paints and the rest of the design was made with them.I was just trying to mix a while bunch of different colors for each element of the landscape.

I didn’t follow any particular photo to make this design. If you search for “winter landscape” or “winter wonderland”, you will find some beautiful photos. Some of them were really breathtaking and made me wanna live in a place where there is a real winter (not this stupid, rainy and grey one, that we have in Holland).

Winter Nails

What do you think of my winter nails? Do you like making landscapes like this? I have never tried it, but it’s not as difficult as it seems and I will be trying more in the future :)

Have a lovely day everyone! :*

  • Beautiful landscape :)

  • So gorgeous and wintery!

  • OK how come I didn’t know you had a blog? So excited I found you here. Yay! Lindsay aka nailthat accent. Oh and these nails are beyond stunning

  • This is so pretty and definitely something I want to try :)

  • Love it! The smoke from the chimney gives it such a warm and inviting feel :)

  • Really beautiful!
    Compliments dear :-)

  • WoW! This is so beautiful! I like your snowy mountains sooo much! Gorgeous view!! That doesn’t seem easy to do to me :)

  • Whoa, this is amazing! We have crappy winters too, we had two amazing days of snow last weekend, but now it’s back to raining :(

    • Here, we have a warm and sunny December so far and I am liking it. Better than rain!

  • Nadejda

    Can you post photo of the tumb fingernail?

  • If it makes you feel any better, I’m missing out on a snowy Christmas…it’s still in the 80s most days! These are so dreamy and magical, I’d kill to have a white Christmas like these. Gorgeous !

    • I would like to have a warm winter or a really cold one haha! The one we have here is very grey and unappealing…