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by paulina

El Corazon – Matte and Shine Effect | Hypnotic Polish

July 23, 2015 in Nails, Swatches by paulina

Hi my beautiful friends. Today I have a little tiny swatch session for you and I can assure all the matte polish lovers, you are going to love this post! I received two beautiful matte polishes from Hypnotic Polish by a Russion brand El Corazon. If you are curious about the swatches and my review, keep reading.

El Corazon Matte and Shine Effect no. 164 is a beautiful cool toned magenta with silver flakies. You can tell why they call these polishes “matte” & “shine”. You can see  beautiful shimmer, but the finish is still matte.  This swatch shows two coats. The application was surprisingly easy for a matte polish and I managed to coat my nails evenly. No top coat!

El Corazon - Matte and Shine Effect - 164

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by paulina

Paint All The Nails Does Floral Nails

July 20, 2015 in Nail Art, Nails by paulina

Hi my beautiful friends. Today is a special post, as we (the ladies from the group Paint All The Nails) are gathering together for our first ever blog link up. You may or may have not heard about our group, it’s pretty much a closed circle of friends who share the love of nail polish. I am thrilled to say that our first theme for the link up is floral and I am really excited to share my floral nails, but I am even more excited to see what other ladies are going to make! Let’s take a look at some pretty nails from some awesome and super talented bloggers! But first, I will show you my neon flowers.

Negative Space Floral Nails by Paulina's Passions

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by paulina

Cirque Colors Juicy Collection – Swatches & Review

July 14, 2015 in Nails, Swatches by paulina

Hi my beautiful friends. From time to time you get to review a collection that you get really excited about and you can’t wait to try it and show off your swatches! Cirque Colors Juicy Collection was one of them and today I finally get to show you the six beautiful summer colors. Get ready for some bright shades and a lot of holo action! Plus lots and lots of photos.

Cirque Colors Juicy Collection

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by paulina

Everything you need to know about WUNDERBROW – Semi permanent eyebrows

July 14, 2015 in Beauty by paulina

It is not uncommon for certain females and even males to suffer from the problem of extremely light eyebrows which can make your eye area appear less attractive and may need you to darker the brows using a brow pencil. But using products like brow pencils or others may not be a solution that lasts for a long time. The latest solution for semi- permanent eyebrows can help resolve this issue and will give you long lasting denser eyebrows. WUNDERBROW is one of the most popular and effective semi permanent eyebrows solutions which is not just affordable but is also easy to apply.This product is currently being used by many males and females and offers array of benefits. If you are interested in knowing more about it, then you can go through the following given information.

WUNDERBROW - Semi permanent eyebrows

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