Stamping Marble Nail Art by Paulina's Passions

Hi my beautiful friends. The excitement levels are very high today, as I uploaded my first video tutorial on YouTube! Yay! I wanted to start with something simple to ease myself into it, so I decided to make a stamping marble nail art. I used this technique in many designs before and I love how easy and fast you can achieve this awesome nail art. I really hope you like my video. Let’s take a look.

I started off with a white base and then applied nail vinyls. I used the spike vinyls for this design from Stick It! Nail Vinyls. Then I applied a liquid latex product to protect my cuticles and avoid excessive clean up. I used Poli Peel from Bundle Monster. I applied all three colors (white, bright blue and blue holo) on a nail art mat and swirled them together using a small doting tool. I used Serendipity Nail Polish Vitamin Sea, Cupcake Polish Metamorphosis and Saint Gill no. 2.

Stamping Marble Nail Art by Paulina's Passions

I picked up the colors with a small stamper and applied it on my nails. Make sure that the stamper is soft and squishy, it will be easier to apply the design. I removed the vinyl and Poli Peel right away, cleaned my cuticles and applied my favorite top coat and it was done! Serendipity Nail Polish Finishing Touch is my favorite right now.

Stamping Marble Nail Art by Paulina's Passions

What do you guys think of this stamping marble nail art? And did you like my first video?

I have to admit, I was a little bit nervous uploading this tutorial on YouTube, but so far I got a positive feedback from friends and family. Please leave your thoughts and comments down below. I would really appreciate some constructive criticism to improve my future videos :)

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  • Congrats on your first video! It’s brilliant, and your nail art is gorgeous

  • Lothwen Akira

    So pretty!

  • Great video Paulina!! Love the mani too! Will definitely subscribe!

  • It looks awesome!

  • I must try this new technique! Thank you for the tutorial!

  • lakkomlakkom

    Yay for tutorials! <3

  • Woot! Congrats on your first video Paulina! The footage and editing look spot on, so here’s to many more! I always love your stamping marbles, you pick the most perfect colours =)

  • Such a gorgeous manicure! The technique is really simple, but it creates such a cool look! Love the video – great job!

  • Stunning design! Your video is seriously fantastic, great job Paulina!

  • I. AM. SO. EXCITED!!!
    hehehe – your own YT channel!! About time, honey! You already know my thoughts on your first vid (congrats!!) but let me tell you I love the nails, too.
    I must def try this technique, the final result is so pretty!! :)

  • Wonderful video Paulina! I hope you are proud of yourself because you did such a great job! It was nice and short, yet still showed everything really clearly. The nails look really beautiful too!

  • I’ve never done a stamping marble using this technique before but it looks awesome! Much better and less messy than the way I’ve been doing it! I’m going to have to give it a try! Congrats on your first video! It’s really great!

  • I love this style of stamping SO much, and this one in particular looks amazing! Congratulations on your first video too! Brilliant job!

  • Kathryn J

    I love this design idea and the video is excellent … I wouldn’t have thought it was your first upload!