Chevron Splatter Nails

Chevron Splatter Nails

Hi everyone. Today I am staying in chevron designs and I present you my chevron splatter nails.

Yesterday I was wondering about a next design and splatter nails crossed my mind, but I wasn’t sure… Then, I saw Mina’s Splash of Colors and I got inspired. She made such a beautiful and colorful splatter. I love it! Check out her Cubbiful blog. She is amazing, talented and loves colors like me.

Chevron Splatter Nails

I started this design with a light pink base, which looks almost white. It is Essie (no. 14 Fiji). I let it dry for about 3-4 hours and then proceeded to the splattering. I taped my fingers in a chevron (triangle) shape and  also put some tape around my cuticles to avoid excessive clean-up.

The three colors that I used are: raspberry pink from W7 (no. 39 Pink Paradise), light pink W7 (no. 19 Baby Pink) and a nail polish from a Dutch drugstore Hema (no. 836).

Chevron Splatter Nails

Even though I put tape everywhere around my nails, the clean-up was massive! I even had some splatters on my arms. Hahaha… The blue nail polish ended up flooding my cuticles and it was really hard to get it off! Once I managed to clean up most of the mess, there were still some stains left. I put some natural cocoa butter around my cuticles and left it for good 30 minutes. Then I gently rubbed off the stains with a Q-tip. It also made my cuticles really moisturized and that is always a big plus! I am planning on buying some natural oils and make my own cuticle oil. I will probably make a blog post about, so stay tuned (“stay tuned” ?! Is that even appropriate to write on a blog?)

Chevron Splatter Nails

There is lots of flaws in these chevron splatter nails (don’t look at my smudged middle finger and my terrible pinky!), but I still really like this design and the color combo. Plus splatter nails are always fun to make and a bit frustrating too, because the damn polish never lands where you want it to!

Chevron Splatter Nails

Please let me know your thoughts on these chevron splatter nails in the comments :)

XO, Paulina

  • I love these colors together! Lovely design!

    • Thanks hun :) I also love the colors!

  • Didn’t I tell you you’d do some amazing splatter nails?! Was I right or was I right? Damn, girl! You’re good! :) Love the colour choice with the contrasting white and I guess having the colours land everywhere but where we want them is the whole purpose of the splatter technique hahaa ;)
    As for the cleanup I so admire your courage, hun! I cheated a bit heheh – thank you so much for the blog love sweetie: you’re tops! <3

    • Oh hun, you really inspired me to make this chevron splatter :) The clean-up was not fun, but I think it’s a part of our nail adventure haha ;) And I love your design, even tho it’s “cheated” ;)

  • Gosia

    Ciekawie wykonane i kolory super, podobają mi się

  • This is absolutely amazing! Very creative.

    • Thank you so much Shaina :)

  • They look amazing! I’ve never seen splatter chevrons before, so incredibly cool! And the colors you used look so fresh as well :)

    • Thanks sweet Lisa :) I am very happy that you like it.

  • I think this is a fantastic design, the colors are beautiful!

    • Thank you Erin :) Yes, I was lucky with the colors ;)

  • This is absolutely gorgeuos!!! Great job!

  • Cathy M

    Love this! Totally pinned to steal. ;)

  • Lunalula

    Oh I LOVE this nails! Could you make a tutorial?? Please! They look so fantastic!
    I’m following you, you work is amazing really tidy and the blog looks great!

  • Genialne! Zakochałam się! <3