DIY Fall Decoration

Hi guys! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Mine was quiet and cuddle-on-the-couch like. It was raining the entire weekend and I was a little bit suck at home, but I didn’t mind that at all. I enjoyed drinking hot tea and baking a fall apple pie.

Today I have a little different post for you. I wanted to share an easy DIY fall decoration project with you that I have made a few days ago. It came out great and I just had to share. I got this idea from Pinterest (yes, Pinterest is my best friend, it’s no secret!) and it seemed easy, so I gave it a go.

DIY Fall Decoration:

For this DIY project you only need a few things: leaves (I picked the oak leaves), gold acrylic paint, medium brush and a photo frame.

DIY Fall Decorations

Step 1: Wash your leaves from any dirt and sand and let them dry on a towel for a few minutes. Be gentle with them, because they might break and tear.

Step 2: Put your leaves in between the book pages and let them sit there for at least 2 days. The pressure from the book will make the leaves flat and dry. (I am saying “leaves” all the time, but in fact you only need a one leaf. I painted a few to see which one turns out best).

Step 3: After your leaves are nice and dry, paint them with your gold acrylic paint. I put one layer, let it dry for a few minutes and then painted another layer to get more intensive color. Don’t forget to paint the stem of the leaf. Allow the leaves to dry for at least 2-3 hours.

Step 4: After your leaves are dry, pick one that is the prettiest and place it in the frame. I picked a white frame, because I love white-gold color combination, but I think black or brown would work as well. an it’s READY!

DIY Fall Decorations

What do you think? :) It’s quite easy, isn’t it? I really love gold and white together and this seemed to me like one of the most perfect fall decorations :)

I hope you like it! Xo Paulina

  • That’s so pretty! A great idea :)

  • Great idea and your realization!! Looks very beautiful and the photo is absolutely wonderful and warm!!

  • This is such a cute and simple idea. Thanks for sharing :)

  • What did I tell you? Super! Really loved the final look, sweetie :D
    And the best with DIY – at least for me – is the whole ‘I made my house prettier all by myself!’ feeling :) Fantastic!

  • Oooh so beautiful and simple- great idea!!!

  • That’s so cool! It looks really professional as well :)

  • Very cool!!! I was looking for something different to do with leaves.