Easy Gel Nail Art - Sparkly Silver Leaves

I am loving trying new gel nail art designs lately. First of all, it’s definitely a new challenge for me, since I’ve just started gel designs not too long ago. Secondly, I really love all the new possibilities with gel. You can really take your time and make more detailed designs, since it’s not drying like normal nail polish.

In today’s post I have an easy gel nail art for you. Please watch the video and I will give you more details on the products. This look was inspired by @ruppelalena.


To start off, I’ve applied my base colors. On my middle finger you see Indigo Nails Ice Ice Baby and on my index and ring, Prince George. The colors are quite similar, gorgeous grey blues, with different tones.

Easy Gel Nail Art - Sparkly Silver Leaves

To paint the black leaves, I used my favorite Arte Brillante in Black Poison. This line of gel is designed specifically for nail art on gel polish and gel. The consistency of the gel is very thick and pigmented. You do not need a lot of product to create beautiful, detailed looks.

Easy Gel Nail Art - Sparkly Silver Leaves

I added some silver glitter in the middle of the leaves to make the look sparkly and glam. I used the beautiful Silver Cha Cha Glitter gel polish. The black leaves and silver glitter make such a stunning color combo. Together with the grey blue base, the whole design look very put together in my opinion.

Easy Gel Nail Art - Sparkly Silver Leaves

Lastly, you need to seal everything in with a top coat. For brighter colors, I like using the Indigo Pro White top coat. This top coat does have a dispersion layer, so you need to wipe if off with some cleaner at the end.

What do you guys think of my simple gel nail art? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • Very pretty and delicate!

  • Niesamowicie mi się podoba! Przepiękne!

  • Eliza Ok-W

    Cudownie delikatne ♥

  • Lothwen Akira

    So so pretty <3