Floral Nail Art

Floral Nail Art

Hi everyone. I hope you are enjoying your weekend. It’s finally sunny and warm in the Netherlands and I am enjoying my day. Today I made another floral nail art, using nail polishes I won in a giveaway at Very Emily blog. If you are not following Emily yet, you should! She is amazing and does very inspirational nail art. Please check her blog and give her some love :)

glow in the dark nail polish

This is the prize I got from the giveaway. These are the most adorable nail polish bottles I have ever seen. I an not a big fan of Hello Kitty, but I must admit that these are too cute. These nail polishes are glow in the dark polishes from the Born Pretty Store and the shades that I got are (from left to right): 29, 26 and 33. They are such pretty colors. I am especially in love with this pretty turquoise color.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to capture the glow in the dark effect of them. I think the small surface of the flowers that I made, did not have a sufficient glow. I am going to paint my nails or swatch sticks and try again. If you have some good tips on photographing glow in the dark, please let me know :)

Floral Nail Art

Floral Nail Art

Anyway. I painted these flowers over a white W7 base (no. 34 White) and, like yesterday, I made the middles with a pretty glittery black color W7 (no. 75 Cosmic Black). I really like how these flowers turned out. They are a bit similar to those from yesterday, but with no leaves. Also, I really like the colors of them. Before I would always make the flowers pink, red, orange, etc. (flowery colors), but these shades of blue and turquoise look surprisingly nice!

Floral Nail Art

Let me know what you think of this floral nail art in the comments below.

Floral Nail Art

  • Nancy_

    Adorable! :))

  • Ooooh, I love the cool-toned flowers!

    • Thanks! Yes, they are really nice

  • I always love your florals, they look so nice! Recently I photograph a glow in the dark polish and I did a few things that worked out well for me: right before I started taking pictures I held my hand right under a light bulb, so the polish could “absorb” the light; then I put my hand on the wall, because I definitely don’t have steady hands; fixed my camera on a tripod (because in low lighted places the image takes longer to be created). This is what I did, hope it helps.

    You can see the pictures clicking on the post link below:


    • Thank you for the tips Caroline :)

  • Aww they are so adorable bottles, and a cute nail art to mach ;)

    • Yes, the bottles are just too cute ;)

  • Great color combination!

  • I always love your florals!

    • Thanks Lisa, I hope that you are not bored with my florals yet ;)

  • The bottles are a-do-ra-ble!!! :D
    And I love how the same design looks absolutely cute in these colours also! Can’t tell if I prefer this or the one from the day before! Toooo cuteeeeee! <3

  • Elisa

    Oh, your nails are adorable! They are perfect!
    I love your floral designs so much – and the glittery black polish in the middle of the florals – amazing ;)

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