Holographic Foil Nail Art

Hi my beautiful friends. Today I am coming back to you with some nail art. I feel like I haven’t posted that much this week, so as a compensation, we are going to take a look at some foil nail art made with a gorgeous holographic/iridescent foil. A while ago the shattered glass nails were very popular, but for some reason I never made such design. The other day I found my holographic foil and decided to play around a little bit. I took a different take on using this foil and instead of  classic shattered glass nails, I made some geometric shapes. I was also inspired to make this foil nail art by one of my rings, which I’m going to show you later.

Holographic Foil Nail Art

This particular design was partly inspired by the talented So Hot Right Nail and this designShe is so talented and has plenty of holographic foil nail art designs. I also loved her foil with stamping on top. Please check out her Instagram account.

Holographic Foil Nail Art

Holographic Foil Nail Art

The purple base for this nail art was Powder Perfect Once Glorious. It looks a little bit blue-ish in my pictures, but it’s a lot more lilac in real life. I will have some swatches on my blog very soon, so you can see it better. The foil that I used is from the Born Pretty Store and HERE is the direct link to the product. I applied the foil directly on the nail polish, that was still tacky and not fully dry. Some pieces were sticking better than others, but overall it was quite easy to apply. I made the lines with a thin nail art brush and a black acrylic paint. Don’t forget to apply a generous amount of top coat after you’re done.

Holographic Foil Nail Art

And here is the ring that inspired me to make this foil nail art design. It’s from Luna Pyxis and you can find it HERE. It’s made from a beautiful rose water opal swarovski crystal and cubic zyrconia. I really love how it’s sparkling in the sunshine and the iridescent look of it.

What do you guys think of this foil nail art design? I am quite pleased how this nail art came out and I enjoyed wearing it. I think the foil looks awesome over this lilac nail polish and it’s so beautiful and sparkly.

Let me know your thoughts and comments below and have a fabulous weekend!

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  • Really neat design you created with the holographic foil here.

  • These are smashing! I absolutely love it!

  • U Ciebie zachowywała się podobnie jak u mnie, niestety powoduje wypukłości których nie mogę znieść

  • OMG Paulina! These are amazing, and those foils…sooo many colours, I could stare at this mani for hours! <3

  • What an innovative way to use these foils – so refreshing to see something different than the traditional Shattered Glass look!

  • Wooooow! I am tripping out Paulina! You are so creative and amaze me time and time again! Totally gorgeous!

  • This is such a fun and interesting look, so creative!

  • This is such a beautiful manicure, I really love how pretty it is! It looks perfect with that stunning ring :)

  • So smart!!