My Birthday Floral Nail Art

Hi My beautiful friends! Happy Birthday to me, if I may say so. Today I had the most relaxing day. I made sure there was no work or responsibilities and I filled my day with the things I like the most. I went for a little bit of shopping and despite the fact that I didn’t find anything suitable I still enjoyed it (I am looking for some new closed btw). Then I sat down, put my favorite TV show and painted my nails. You know sometimes in between all the swatching and reviews, there is little time left for what I love the most, a pretty floral nail art. Today I decided to treat myself to some pretties and would like to share them with you.

My Birthday Floral Nail Art

If you follow me on my social media, you know that I am kind of addicted to Pinterest. I love to pin anything that interests me, from nails to beauty to cooking and general life inspiration. I love pinning patterns and nail art inspiration that might come in useful when I am in doubt on what to put on my nails. When I found these beautiful phone cases, I knew that one of them was making onto my nails. I can’t resist of any floral pattern, so today felt like a special day for making one of them.

My Birthday Floral Nail Art

I started off with a white base which was China Glaze White on White. Then I used my straight nail vinyls and made some nude stripes with my beloved Ella + Mila Nude Attitude. Now to make the flowers I used a whole bunch of colors. I used LACC no.1953, Serendipity Pink Poinsettia and Ella + Mila Heartbreaker to make my pink flowers. Then I took some orange polishes to complete the flowers. I used Color Club East Austin and Saint Gill no. 24 and no. 40.  I added some pretty green leaves (I think any florals are coming to life when you add leaves), I used China GlazeFour Leaf Clover, Saint Gill no. 43 and Models Own Toxic Apple. I made this whole floral nail art look with my thin nail art brush. I took my time to make all the shading and hihgliting of the petals. I know that the flowers don’t look the same as in my inspirational picture, but I still love them!

My Birthday Floral Nail Art

So what do you think? I was proudly wearing this pretty floral nail art all day and it just made me happy! I really hope that you like them as much as I do.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and have a beautiful day. Also, just wanted to mention that I love all my readers and i am so grateful for constant support! Thank you!

  • So gorgeous! You create some of the most beautiful floral manicures I’ve seen. Happy birthday too.

    • Aww, thank you so much. It means a lot!

  • Lovely! Happy Birthday!

  • Lothwen Akira

    Happy happy birthday!!! This mani is absolutely stunning!!!

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It sounds like you had a lovely day <3 This nail art is just gorgeous!

    • Thank you, Emily :) Yes, it really was a lovely day.

  • The Colours!!The Pattern! Oh so beautiful!!
    I hope you’ve had a fantastic day, with many loving moments, hun! Love you loads <3

    • Thank you, Mina :* My day was awesome :)

  • Oh, I usually despise pinks and florals. How is this pretty to me? You witch!!
    So good! :)))

    Happy birthday! That write up of the day you had planned was so… RELAXING to read :) What a great bday!

    • Aww thank you so much Catherine! You are too sweet.

  • Erin Ortiz

    Happy birthday Paulina!

  • Happy birthday you beautiful girl! Sounds like you had the best birthday! And those nails, they are perfection <3.

    • Thank you so much Deborah. Yes, my day was awesome, feeling so loved!

  • Happy Birthday!

  • Happy birthday! This is such a beautiful mani to celebrate the day. The colors you used are perfection!

  • OMG quit being so perfect! Every floral you do (especially when it’s over stripes) makes me go starry eyed! This is amazing. Totally pinning for inspiration later! Happy birthday lovely!

  • no i to się nazywa właściwe obchodzenie urodzin! zazdroszę tak udanego dnia i podziwiam paznokcie – śliczne i bardzo w Twoim stylu :) sto lat!

  • Happy belated birthday! This mani is so perfect, the florals turned out beautifully <3

  • Happy belated birthday! I hope it was fabulous! This mani has me longing for spring!