Hello everyone! Today is time for my first this year Spring nails! Have you ever wondered why on Paulina’s Passions blog there is never any stamping? Ekhm… Well, it’s because I am terrible at it! But to conquer my fear of stamping nail art, I ordered a pretty stamping plate from the Born Pretty Store and just went for it. So here we go, my first ever stamping nails. Please be gentle. I know it’s not perfect, but believe me, I did my very best!

Pastel Spring Nails with Bow Stamping

What comes to your mind when you think Spring nails? I always think of pastel colors and today I used these two beauties from L’Oreal. The pretty pistachio is L’Oreal Pistachio Drage (no. 852). Oh! I love this color! Like the name says, it’s a perfect pistachio color and the coverage is amazing! Two thin layers tor an opaque look. The lavender blue beauty is L’Oreal Nouvelle Vague (no. 851). These two pastels look so pretty together and I am so happy I paired them.

Pastel Spring Nails with Bow Stamping

As for the stamping, I used a plate from the Born Pretty Store. Like I said before, I am not great with stamping, so I decided to go out of my comfort zone and practice a little bit. I got THIS stamping plate and it comes with 13 different designs. They range from skulls to nautical to bows hahaha. I especially love the anchors and the cute bows. The plate costs $1.99, so I think it’s a good deal.


You can use my coupon code WRL91 to get 10% off on your entire order. Born Pretty Store ships internationally for FREE!

The dotticure on my middle finger and pinky was done with my dotting tool and Essie Blanc. Just got this white nail polish yesterday and didn’t have a chance to properly test it (except these dots). I will let you know if it’s a good white. You know, we nail art addicts are always in a hunt for a good and affordable white nail polish ;)


What do you guys think of my pastel Spring nails? And what about the stamping? I think it’s not bad for a first serious attempt. Do let me know what you think and please, please, please give me some tips when it comes to stamping! I know that there are some amazingly talented stampers out there! So please comment away :)

Have a lovely night. Muah! :*

  • I love how soft and delicate this is!

  • Your first attempt at stamping came out great! I seriously would not have known unless you said something :)

  • The stamping worked out great! Watch out; there’s no nail art that you can’t do! Gorgeous as always!

  • This is adorable!

  • LaraLeaf

    Oh, I love your base colors. So pretty. Your stamping looks great to me. I am still getting up the nerve to get my first stamping plate. I am so glad you ventured into it. I hope (and am sure) you will get more comfortable with practice. (lol, that is what all the ‘pro’ stampers say!) Congratulations on doing a wonderful job!

  • This is seriously the BEST blog I’ve ever seen! Love your designs ♥

    • Thank you sweetie! Glad you like it here :)

  • This is so pretty! Very soft and delicate, and the stamping is nice!

  • First of all, can I just say: I’m just so happy to read a post from you again! :D
    And really glad you started it all with something out of your comfort zone – stamping can be a nightmare: I should know ;)
    But you did so well and this one is indeed perfect for Spring, honey! Well done! **

  • It looks great! Those bows are precious.

  • Janci :)

    Love the colour combination! :)