Classic Pink Rose Nail Art with Indigo Nails

Hello my beautiful friends. How are you all doing? In today’s post I have some pretty rose nail art tutorial. I made these nails entirely using INDIGO Nails products. This time I used regular nail polishes instead of gels, so I hope everyone is going to be able to recreate this design. Let’s take a look at some pictures and the video I made for you.

Classic Pink Rose Nail Art with Indigo Nails

I started off this nail art by applying a base coat to protect my natural nails. I used INDIGO Nails Base Coat. I have been using this base coat for couple of months right now to test it properly. This is one of the best base coats in my opinion. It dries fast, leaving the surface of your nail very smooth and well-prepared for the manicure. It also protect the nails from staining. I really recommend it!

Then, I applied my base color. I chose this gorgeous pale blue, which is INDIGO Nails Cafe del Mar. When the base was fully dry, I used a small dotting tool to make tiny, regular white dots with Mr. White.

With a rich, deep pink I made the base for my roses. I used Pink-a-Colada and a medium-sized dotting tool. Then with the white nail polish I started making the rose petals. I used Cherry Pie for the further shading and to make the flowers more dimensional. At the end, I added some green leaves with Amazonia and finished everything with a fast drying, glossy top coat Finish Top Coat by Indigo Nails.

I made the rose petals using a nail art brush from Indigo Nails called Master 003. It’s a very fine nail art brush with a metal handle. The brush is a little bit heavier, but thanks to that, it fits my hand perfectly. I really like using it.

Classic Pink Rose Nail Art with Indigo Nails

What do you guys think of my classic rose nail art? I am really loving how these flowers came out and they are pretty easy to make too.

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This post came into life with collaboration and sponsorship with Indigo Nails. All opinions are my own.