Rose Quartz Nails - Step by Step Video Tutorial

Hi everyone. Welcome to today’s post. In today’s tutorial I am showing you rose quartz nails. Yes, yes, I realize that this trend is probably long gone, but I am always late to the party. I was inspired to make rose quartz nails after I found this picture with nails made by @linanails_art. Her design was so beautiful and soft and I loved the addition of the rose gold. Let’s take a look at the tutorial and I will tell you more about this design.

I started off by 2 layers of Sienna Byron Bay Peace. It’s a milky pink jelly nail polish. You want to pick up a pink with jelly formula for this design. It should look a bit translucent to resemble the rose quartz look.

Rose Quartz Nails - Step by Step Video Tutorial

The key to these rose quartz nails is a marble smoosh technique. You want to apply just a little bit of white and then when picking up the design with a stamp, you have to ‘smudge’ the colors together (you can see how I slide the stamper a little bit before picking up). I hope this makes sense, haha!

Then I added some white lines with Heroine NYC White Noise.. You want to make them look very organic (no harsh lines, just some natural lines). At the end I added some rose gold element (Cirque Colors Halcyon), which in my opinion tie this whole look together.

Rose Quartz Nails - Step by Step Video Tutorial

What do you guys think of these rose quartz nails? Have you ever made this design back when it was trending? Or are you late to the party like me?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below and I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend.

  • Eliza Ok-W

    Perfect ♥