Orange Pink Turquoise Water Marble

Orange Pink Turquoise Water Marble

Hi guys. I am participating in a new challenge – Crumpet’s Nail Tarts – Tri Polish Challenge. The idea is to use three given colors and make a design. We are allowed to do anything we want, as soon as these three colors are used. This month April is featuring orange, pink and turquoise. I honestly would never put these three colors together, but I freaking love it!

I decided to do water marble for this challenge, just because I really enjoy this technique. I am really pleased how this water orange pink turquoise water marble turned out and how well the colors are complementing each other. This design gives me a feeling that summer is coming. Such bright, beautiful and happy colors.

I used pretty pink from W7 (20 Barbie Pink), turquoise is Essence (55 Let’s get lost) and bright orange is Catrice NeonNaturals (C02 For Bright Guys).

Orange Pink Turquoise Water Marble

Orange Pink Turquoise Water Marble


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  • Oh my God! Yours came out sooooooo (SO!) amazing!
    The brightness of your polishes is to die for! I do hope the sun is shining around your parts, for these babies deserve it! Absolutely love it! :D

    • Hi Mina. Yes, the sun is shining and I am happy looking at my nails :D

  • This is an absolutely amazing water marble and your colors are gorgeous together!!

  • I just discovered your blog through the tri-polish challenge and I am loving it! Great job on today’s post. The water marble is beautiful! :) I should have my post done by later today! :D

    • Awww thank you so much! I cannot wait to see your design :)

  • Wow Paulina, this is so beyond perfect! I just L-O-V-E it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Your rocked that water marble! Flawless :)

  • wow! this is an awesome water marble! And yes, the colors look really good together :)

  • Gosia

    Przepieknie zrobione :-)

  • This is super gorgeous!

  • Ana

    *faints from the gorgeousness*

    • Hehehe :) Love reading comments like this

  • this is amazing and the colour combo is perfect!

  • keysha

    Water marble does not turn out like that IN REAL LIFE
    and how do I make so perfect