Valentine Nails – Mini Hearts

January 29, 2014 in Nail Art, Nails by paulina

Hi everyone. It’s so cold today outside and I have been sitting under the blanket all day long. It made feel kind of lethargic and lazy and I almost gave up on writing this post, but then I gathered myself together and here I am typing the post out! Today I have another Valentine nails for you. They are very simple, but full-of-love kind of colors – pink, purple and red with some lovely glitter. Hope you like them.

Paulinas Passions: Valentine Nails - Mini Hearts

The cream base color is my favorite W7 Linen. Then I took three very intensive Valentine colors. The red one is OPI Big Apple Red and it’s probably one of the most beautiful reds I own. It’s so intense and classy. The pink one is OPI Strawberry Margarita and the purple is China Glaze That’s Shore Bright. I free handed these hearts using a very thin brush. I actually had to cut my favorite brush the other day. I had it in my purse and the bristles went crooked and didn’t want to go back to place :( I cut the ones that were sticking out and now my brush is very thin. I actually like it now that it’s thinner, because it’s nice for details.

Paulinas Passions: Valentine Nails - Mini Hearts

As for the glitter, I actually used three types to build up an opaque look. I started with a holographic polish from Golden Rose, then I topped it with two layers of glitter from a brand called Only You – Disco Diva.. Once the layers were a bit dry I put some China Glaze Fairy Dust to make it even more sparkly :)

Paulinas Passions: Valentine Nails - Mini Hearts

What do you think of these cute Valentine nails? I love the look of the mini hearts and how the three colors match together :) It took a little patience to paint the tiny hearts, but the end result is just adorable. I hope you like them!

Have a lovely evening,